How to Use Comment Replies in Surveys

How to use comment replies in a survey

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How to use comment replies in a survey

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Comment Replies allow you to look after your people in new ways, by building connections between your organization and your people and supporting you in showing your employees that you're listening and you care.

The Comment replies feature allows account administrators to give senior leaders the 'Comment replier' permission that lets them write public replies to comments that employees have left in surveys in ways that keep people's comments confidential. This can be used by organizations to increase the visibility and transparency of communication between senior leaders and staff. Learn if Comment Replies is right for your company in our article Guide to Comment Replies.

How Does It Work for Different People?

People will interact with Comment replies differently depending on their role.

  • Account administrators will be able to turn the feature on and off for different surveys as well as add and remove individuals as Comment repliers.

  • Comment repliers will be able to write public replies to any comment they see in a shared report, where the comment is visible to all others viewing comments in reports.

  • Participants will see some text reminding them someone may reply to their comments when leaving them on surveys. They'll be notified by email if someone has written a reply to their comment. They will also be able to view replies in shared reports, assuming a report with comments enabled has been shared with them.

Note: Enable the Comment replies feature by reaching out to your Customer Success coach or to our Support team.

How to Use Comment Replies

Account administrators need to first assign Comment replier permissions to trusted leaders.

  1. Click the Roles and Permissions menu

  2. Click Assign Role

  3. Search and select the person you would like to update a role for.

  4. You will see the roles that this user currently has assigned. Checkbox the
    ​Survey Comment Replier option

  5. Click Save

Once added, these people will receive emails informing them of their new ability to write replies to comments. It is a good idea to discuss with these people what your expectations are of the kinds of replies they will write and what comments they will reply to.

In your survey you can toggle on and off this feature from your Survey Configuration > Comments tab.

You will notice your surveys Launch Plan page now reminds you whether the feature is on or off as well as the number of people with Comment replier permissions.

As people complete your surveys and write comments, they will be informed that someone may reply to their comments and that their identities will remain confidential.

After the survey closes and you set up report sharing, Comment repliers can begin writing public replies to comments from their shared reports. Comment repliers will see a Reply button available on comments when viewing shared reports. It will open a popup that allows them to write public replies to comments.

What Happens When Someone Writes a Reply?

The original author of the comment will receive an email copy of their comment and the reply, emphasizing the confidentiality of their identity.


People viewing reports can now use the Any Replies filter on comments reports to see which comments have replies. If your employees have questions, we have an FAQs about Comment Replies.

Now that you've set up comment replies on your account and given access to your trusted leaders, you can enable them to reply to comments publicly and increase leadership communication.

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