Unattributed Survey Guide for Participants

Get answers to the common questions you might encounter while completing an Unattributed or Inclusion type survey

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Answers to the most commonly asked questions when participating in an Unattributed or Inclusion survey

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Survey Participants

What is an Unattributed Survey?

Unattributed Surveys are the most anonymous type of survey offered in the Culture Amp platform. Demographics are not pulled from the account level so there is no way to identify an individual participant or their response, unless you provide information within your submission that will identify you (e.g., via demographics or providing an email address).

Below you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions surrounding Unattributed Surveys.

Are my responses confidential?

If you are submitting responses for an Unattributed Survey, the answer is YES! This survey is 100% anonymous and confidential.

You may notice that for an Unattributed Survey, you were given a link by your employer directly rather than having one sent to you via Culture Amp. This is because your responses are not tied to your employee ID, email address, or any other data connected to you. All participants will use the same link and code to access the survey and submit responses, which means there is no way to match your identity to your survey response or comments, unless you provide information that will identify you. As a result, survey results will only show in aggregate (combined) reporting.

What are self-reporting demographic questions?

These are questions that will typically ask you to identify certain demographic information about yourself such as gender, age, location, department, etc. Submitting responses to these questions will allow Account Administrators and/or report viewers to filter results by those demographics in order to narrow their view of response data.

Typically, self-report demographic questions are not mandatory, though that is up to the person who creates the survey - if you have questions about what questions are mandatory or any concerns about why these questions are asked, it's recommended you pose those to your HR/People team!

If I'm the only person that fits under a certain demographic, how will my answers be kept anonymous?

Culture Amp utilizes a reporting group minimum - this is the minimum amount of responses required in order for results and/or comments to be displayed in survey reporting. If you are in any demographic group that does not meet the reporting group minimum, your results will not be shown. They will still count towards the aggregate score, but it is impossible to filter down to any demographic (or combination of demographics) that is below the reporting group minimum.

The number set for the reporting group minimum is determined by your organization and can be found on the survey’s Welcome Screen by clicking the "settings for this survey" link.

What are Reporting Rules & where can I locate them?

Surveys can be configured in a number of ways depending on the scope and intent of the responses to be collected. You can better understand how that applies to your survey by reviewing its Reporting Rules, which can be found on the survey’s Welcome Screen by clicking the "settings for this survey" link. There, you can read through "How your feedback will be displayed" in detail as it will provide information about the minimum amount of responses required in order to display results and/or comments.

Where can I find my authorization code?

In order to maintain some control over who can access and submit responses to the survey, an authorization code is required. This is typically a randomly generated code, but can also be configured by Account Administrators during the survey’s creation.

The authorization code is sent to you via internal communications from your organization (typically email) along with guidance on entering the code when prompted after clicking the survey link.

If you have not received internal communications about the authorization code or if the code you were provided with is not working, we recommend that you connect internally with the Account Administrators within your People/HR Team to verify this information.

Where can I find the survey link?

Similar to locating the survey’s Authorization Code, the survey link will have been sent to you directly via internal communications from your organization, such as email.

If you’re in need of the survey link, either because you didn’t receive it or because you cannot locate it, we recommend that you connect with the Account Administrators within your People/HR Team. As they manage the survey and its participants, they will be able to assist further.

Note: Culture Amp has no way of confirming your participation status for this type of survey.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Survey

The Diversity and Inclusion Survey was developed by data analysts from Culture Amp and social scientists at Paradigm, with input from industry leaders. Some of the questions were chosen because historical evidence from Culture Amp shows that there are stark differences between groups. Other questions were chosen from Paradigm based on leading research on the growth mindset, belonging uncertainty, and other inclusion research topics.

How will my response, even if it's not identifiable, be used?

The team will be able to analyze the aggregated results and distill them into a few, select focus areas. To build a diverse and inclusive organization, we need to understand the employee experience, and that starts with understanding how people from all backgrounds feel about these 7 constructs on diversity and inclusion.

I care about diversity and inclusion - how can I help my organization move forward?

Every organization will use their survey results differently, so to figure out how you can get involved, we recommend getting in touch with the team at your organization facilitating the survey. This might be your HR/People team internally - keep an eye out for a survey invitation email, which will likely come from the team you can get in touch with!

💟 For some inspiration, you may be keen to have a look at our blog, where you'll find posts on a wide range of DEI-focused topics written by us here at Culture Amp. Culture Amp takes pride in how we've built (and continue to build!) an equitable workplace for employees of all backgrounds.

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