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A list of all available Culture Amp survey templates
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A list of all available Culture Amp survey templates

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Culture Amp users have access to our world class survey templates for gathering all types of People Intelligence from within their organizations. Many of the questions in these surveys are included in Culture Amp benchmarks meaning you'll be able to compare yourself to hundreds of other organizations running these surveys. You may choose to run these surveys exactly as they are, tweak the questions to match your company lingo, or fully customize the survey to add, remove or modify any of the questions - it's up to you.

All survey templates can be viewed in the Template Library, to access it, click 'create survey' on the surveys page.


Templates Available For Engagement Plans

Engagement Survey

A 57 question employee engagement survey that takes most people just under 10 minutes to complete. It measures employee engagement in more detail and assesses a broader range of contributing factors including some that are more unique contributing factors in some companies such as Work & Life Blend, Social Responsibility, and Benefits. Learn more about the questions here.

Quick Engagement Survey

This brief survey measures employee engagement as well as assessing important high level contributing factors based on our LEAD to Engage model: Leadership, Enablement, Alignment and Development.

Candidate Survey

This short survey will help you understand what candidate's know of the organization and what their experience was during recruitment.

Single Point Onboard Survey

A survey for newly hired employees. This survey will drill into detail on what attracted new employees, what their experience has been like so far, and if they feel they are adapting to their new role.

Phased Onboard Survey - Week 1

A survey for newly hired employees. This survey will drill into detail on what attracted new employees and their recruitment experience. Includes a checklist for the fundamental onboarding tasks that should be completed in the first week.

Phased Onboard Survey - Week 5

A survey for those completing their onboarding process. This survey drills into perceptions of training, organizational alignment, role expectations and their experience in the organization so far. Recommended at 5 weeks.

Intern Survey

This survey asks Interns about their previous knowledge, attraction to and then experience with your company. This can provide you with important insight into brand awareness and then subsequent journey for Interns.

Exit Survey

A survey for employees that are leaving your company. This survey will drill on to detail on the why employees are leaving, where they are headed, and what their experience was like whilst they were working with your company.

Benefits Survey

This survey covers a range of existing benefits and perks as well as some formats for asking about preferences and interest in new benefits and perks. The survey also covers 401k and Medical benefits.

Wellbeing Survey

This survey takes the concepts defined within the PERMA positive psychology model and translates them into a workplace context. Additionally physical and mental components of energy, sleep and workload are addressed.

Performance Diagnostic Survey

Culture Amp’s Performance Diagnostic survey measures the core factors found in successful approaches to performance management systems, such as developmental coaching, fairness, goal alignment, and continuous feedback. Learn more about the survey here.

Values Survey

This survey is used to determine employees' level of connection with your current or potential company values. Additionally, it weighs if a value is simply important but not lived within the organization.

Inclusion Survey

This survey measures core factors influencing inclusion, such as belonging, fairness, and voice. To learn more about the survey, check out our dedicated article here, or reach out to

Change Readiness - pre change

The pre-change survey has been designed to use before change takes place, to understand the readiness of your employees. The survey can be launched when the change is in the planning stages, or has just been announced. Learn more about the survey here.

Change Success - during or post change

The during/post-change survey has been designed to use when change is in motion or after the change has occurred (this can be two or three years down the line for major change initiatives like agile transformations, mergers and acquisitions, etc.). This survey can be launched at any time when the change is in progress. Learn more about the survey here.

Leading Through Change

This survey guides managers and people leaders on what behaviors will have the biggest impact, to effectively lead their team during times of change and uncertainty. Learn more about the survey here.

Emergency Response

This survey is designed to gather employee feedback on how your organization responds or is responding to unique and fast-changing situations or emergencies. Learn more about the survey here.

Remote Work questions

This set of questions is designed as a supplement you can add to other surveys (e.g. Engagement, Wellbeing) in order to specifically understand the remote working experience of their employees. Learn more about the question set here.

Templates Available For Effectiveness Plans

Individual Effectiveness (360° Feedback)

This survey is a diagnostic instrument that helps an individual apply the 360° methodology to gather feedback and insights for personal development. It is designed to be used with every individual in an organization who is 'feedback ready' and keen to grow. We have optimized individual feedback for learning & development, to ensure that employees have the best chance of receiving open and honest feedback from their colleagues. Learn more about the design of this survey.

Manager Effectiveness (180° Feedback)

A survey for managers to collect feedback from the people that report to them. This survey covers ratings on key leadership skills and behaviors that create great managers. It's informed by the Google Oxygen research and our own work with thousands of managers. Learn more about the questions.

Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness survey uses inward feedback to help teams understand how productivity, cohesion, and alignment are driving their overall success. Learn more about the design of this survey.

Leadership Effectiveness (360° Feedback)

The Leadership Effectiveness is for senior leaders to gather 360 feedback on their leadership skills from manager(s), peers, and direct reports. Learn more about the science behind this survey here.

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