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Guidance on how to duplicate a survey

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How to duplicate a survey

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Account Admins

Note: To make a duplicate of a survey that has been used in the past, you need to be an Account Administrator.

Surveys are copied at the survey level from your Feedback > Surveys page using the drop-down arrow next to the survey > Duplicate option:


Surveys can also be created using the Create Survey button.

What Comes with a Duplicated Survey

When you duplicate a survey, certain elements of the original survey will be copied over with it. These include:

  • Survey title (Note: A suffix like "Jan 2021" or "v2" may be added to the end of the title to ensure it does not match the original title)

  • Survey design: the questions from the original survey

  • Demographics: the demographics you selected to be included in reports for the original survey

  • Reporting settings: the reporting rules, Raw Data Extract selection, and factors you configured

  • Communication settings: any customization you made to the notifications sent as part of your survey

  • Configuration for shared reports: shared reports you created and report owners and viewers you assigned (Note that all shared reports will be unpublished in the new, duplicated survey)

What will not be copied over:

  • Survey participants: the employees you selected to participate in the original survey

  • Launch plan: the dates you configured for the original survey's launch

  • Survey logo

  • Benchmarks


๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Before you copy an existing survey, we recommend you:

  1. Review the feedback that survey participants gave about the old survey, to see if there are improvements that can be made to the survey length, language, etc. To request survey feedback, ask support@cultureamp.com to email you a Feedback Digest report for a specific survey.

  2. Review the survey results from the old survey. Did you get the data you needed? Should you edit select options for the multiple-choice questions? Were the demographic-based filters useful - do you need different filters?

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