Guide to Survey Launch: Employee Data

How to set up your employee data and account demographics to get the most out of your survey reporting

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How to set up your employee data and account demographics to get the most out of your survey reporting

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Account Admins

Employee demographics enable you to gain far greater insight into your survey results by letting you understand how particular areas of the company feel. For example, the working conditions at a particular location may impact how engaged those employees are. By linking each employee's location to their survey response, it is possible to see how results differ across each location.


You can use practically anything as a demographic in Culture Amp, but it makes the most sense to select demographics that you believe are 'actionable' groups - for example Department, Team, Job Function or Manager are all typical demographics used in Culture Amp. Other demographics such as whether an employee has attended specific training or development can also surface some interesting results.

Try to anticipate how people will want to analyze the results, then make sure there's a demographic set up to allow this.

Options for Setting up Demographics

  1. Self report: Employees are asked to identify their demographics as questions during the survey - e.g. Which department do you work for?

  2. Pre-loaded: When you upload your employee data into Culture Amp you can include the employee demographic information that you'd like to report on. These demographics are called "Account Demographics" and will be available to all surveys in your account. This is the most common approach in Culture Amp as it provides the most accurate results analysis and participation tracking. Pre-loaded employee demographics are captured in a standard Excel / CSV file (see example file below).

Note: If you'd like to use the Tenure and Age demographics, just provide each employee's Date of Birth and Start Date and Culture Amp will automatically convert these into the relevant Age and Tenure bands for reporting.

Your Homework

  1. Review the demographics that are currently used in your organization. Think about how this will work for reporting survey results to various levels of people. You may wish to add new demographics? This is a pre-requisite step to getting your employee data ready. Note: If there are less than 5 survey responses for a specific demographic (this number is configurable, but 5 is most common), they will not be reportable, so try to balance the need for detail with the practical aspect of getting enough data for reports.

  2. Take a copy of the Employee Data Template. If you've already run your first survey you should download your current employee data from Culture Amp.

  3. Add your employee data in the form required.

  4. Upload your employee data file.

  5. Check your employee list. All employees in your account can be invited.

  6. Update your Participants. Select all or some of the employees to be included in the survey. You can specify a cut-off date to exclude new starters.

  7. Check your survey demographics on the Design page. You'll need to ensure that the uploaded Account Demographics have been added to the survey. You can preview how the demographics become filters using the Preview Reports button.

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