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Choose Account Demographics During Survey Launch
Choose Account Demographics During Survey Launch

How to select and de-select demographic filters on your survey

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How to select and de-select demographic filters on your survey

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As part of the Import Users process, employees can be assigned demographics, such as Gender, Location, Department, etc. These demographics are saved in Culture Amp at the account level, and can apply to all surveys within the account. The Date of Birth and Start Date data loaded is also used to calculate Age and Tenure demographics automatically.

Demographics are typically chosen for a survey when the survey is in draft status on the Demographics tab of survey configuration. If you need to add demographics once your survey has launched, contact to request your survey demographics be updated once you have imported the new demographic(s). Once reports are shared with people, the demographics should no longer change.

If you do not have account-level data for a demographic you would like to use, you can ask survey participants to select demographics as part of the survey.

Make changes to survey demographics

  1. Click the drop-down next to Edit survey/View Reports button for a specific survey on your Surveys page

  2. Click the Demographics tab

  3. Review the list of available demographics and select or de-select as required

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: If the survey is active or closed, you'll need to unlock the Demographics page by clicking the Edit Survey button. Next, un-check the demographics that you no longer wish to include, select Stop Editing to save.

The account demographics will eventually become filters in the reports, so try to select demographics that contain good quality data, and make sense for the type of survey you are running.

A few notes on demographics in surveys

  • If you have any employees with blank values within a demographic (e.g. they do not have a manager assigned), their responses will be bundled into a demographic group labeled "Not specified" when you view results by that specific demographic.

  • Demographics can be used to branch questions: If you want to ask a specific group (e.g. your Melbourne office) specific questions, you can use demographic branching to do so.

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