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Share Peer & Upward Feedback with Employees
Share Peer & Upward Feedback with Employees

Guidance on how you can share peer and upward feedback with employees in a performance review cycle

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How to share peer and upward feedback with employees in a performance review cycle

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Performance Admin, Managers

Note: The information in this guide relates to peer and upward feedback collected as part of a performance review cycle.

Managers can share peer and upward feedback directly with their team in the context of a performance review cycle. As a result, employees should receive more actionable, specific and timely peer and upward feedback during a mid-year or year-end review cycle.

Sharing peer and upward feedback directly with employees is a great way for those organizations that would like employees to have access to their feedback earlier in the review process so that they can use it to inform their own self-reflection as an example. It’s also possible to share feedback separately from manager reviews.

Admins ultimately control both which questions are shared, and when the responses to those questions can be shared back with employees. Even when Sharing has been enabled, a manager's ability to share remains optional

Admins Choose Which Questions Will Be Shared

Similarly to the sharing of manager reviews, Account Admins identify which peer and upward feedback questions can be shared on the Sharing step of the performance cycle creation wizard.


Peers and Direct Reports Provide Feedback

When reviewers are invited to complete feedback, they will now see a visibility tag on each of the questions identifying whether their response will be shared with the reviewee. Hovering over the Will be shared tag indicates that their response will also be attributed when/if shared.


Admins Allow Managers to Share Feedback

Similarly to the sharing of manager reviews, Account Admins ultimately determine when peer and upward feedback can be shared back with employees. Admins enable sharing for feedback and/or manager reviews by selecting the Sharing Settings in either section and turning on sharing. This then enables the ability for managers and administrators to share feedback/reviews individually or in bulk.

Admins enabling sharing for feedback

Managers Share Feedback

Once a Performance Admin has enabled the ability to share feedback on the cycle overall, it becomes possible for the Manager to share feedback provided with their direct reports. Generally, the manager should wait for guidance from their People team on when to share. Typically this is done following a calibration session, to ensure the reviews have been evaluated fairly and any edits have been published prior.

Sharing Feedback from Others

Managers can share feedback that a direct report has received from others from their Performance > Reviews landing page (Performance > Reviews > select Current or Past review). Managers can then either share feedback individually per direct report or bulk share for all direct reports.

  1. To share feedback per direct report, select the Share feedback button against the associated row or the Share feedback option when viewing a direct report’s feedback.

  2. To share all feedback with all direct reports, select the Share all feedback option

Once shared, the direct report will receive an email allowing them to access any feedback marked as May be shared.

Employees Benefit from Additional Feedback

Once shared, employees will receive an email, Slack or MS Teams notification, as well as an in-app notification directing them to their shared feedback. They can also choose to access their shared feedback from the menu by navigating to Performance > Reviews > click into the cycle > Your performance reviews.



Can feedback be shared anonymously?

No, feedback cannot be shared anonymously. This is largely because of the benefits of attributed feedback, which is more likely to result in thoughtful, balanced feedback and less likely to be abused.

What happens if someone provides inappropriate feedback?

In the unlikely event that a reviewer provides inappropriate feedback that should not be shared back with an employee, admins and Perform HRBPs now have the ability to delete completed feedback. Once deleted, it will no longer appear anywhere in the platform.

Admins can click to the line item for the participant under the Peer & Upward Feedback tab of the cycle and then click to the Feedback Completed tab


From there, admins or Perform HRBPs will have the option to click to the X icon to delete the feedback


A pop-up notification will appear as a warning


Can managers choose to only share certain feedback?

No, managers cannot remove responses from the feedback being shared. As mentioned above, the only way to remove completed feedback is for an admin or Perform HRBP to delete the feedback.

Can admins or Perform HRBPs share feedback on behalf of managers?

Yes, similarly to sharing manager reviews, Admins and Perform HRBPs can share peer and upward feedback on behalf of managers – both individually and in bulk (via the Share all feedback option). They can see these options by viewing either the feedback or manager review sections (tabs).

Share options for feedback section

Share options for manager review section

What happens if a user completes feedback after feedback has already been shared?

If a user completes feedback after previously completed feedback was already shared with the subject, the subject’s sharing status will be updated to reflect that new feedback is available on both the manager and admin dashboards. The manager or Admin/Perform HRBP can then choose to share that additional feedback.

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