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Update and track goal progress
Update and track goal progress
An overview of how to update and track goal progress
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An overview of how to update and track goal progress

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Performance Users

Edit, update and comment on your goals. Once you’ve created a goal, there are a few ways to keep track of and communicate goal progress.

Quick Links:

Edit and update a goal

Edit a goal's details

  • You may edit any part of the goal by clicking on the goal and selecting Edit from the three-dot menu in the top right. Only you can edit your goal's details.


Update a goal's progress

  • You or your manager can update a goal's progress by manipulating the slider bars. If your goal has key results, you may update progress on each one and the overall progress percentage will update automatically.

  • When the progress percentage is > 0%, your goal will automatically transition to the in progress status. Similarly, when your goal reaches 100%, it will automatically transition to accomplished. You can also drag and drop a goal into a different status on the goals overview page to manually move a goal between states.


Comment on a goal

  • Anyone with visibility of your goal can leave a comment within the comment thread of that goal. Leave a comment yourself if you'd like to capture any status updates or provide additional context related to your goal's progress.

  • Users can also at-mention other individuals that have visibility of your goal in order to bring them into the conversation.​


Capture feedback on a goal

  • When a manager is reviewing their direct reports goal’s progress it may be a great opportunity to provide feedback on how they have progressed. The manager can click on the same “Give Feedback” button found under the goals progress.

  • Once the “Give Feedback” button is clicked, a new tab will open up for the feedback to be captured. Once “Send feedback” is clicked, the feedback will appear in the recipient's employee profile. This is especially useful when performance review time comes around.

  • Both the direct report and manager will have access to the feedback collected throughout the year to provide examples and evidence to base their self reflection and manager reviews on.

Identify a goal as blocked

At any point, you can update the status of your goal to blocked (by clicking on the goal and selecting the drop-down menu for status) in order to indicate that there may be circumstances impeding your progress. If your manager has visibility of your goal, they will receive an in-app notification, allowing them to follow-up and discuss ways to move forward.​

Goal Drawers

Once you have created goals, you can then go back to view or edit them. Start by going to the Goals tab. You'll land on the main page and be able to click on any of the goals.


When you select a goal, the drawer will open and you can update the progress of the goal here.

NOTE: This functionality is the same for Team, Department, and Company goals.

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