Request Feedback on Behalf of Managers

How Performance Admins can request feedback on behalf of managers outside of a performance review cycle

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How Performance Admins can request feedback on behalf of managers outside of a performance review cycle

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Performance Admins

Note: These instructions refer to requesting feedback on behalf of Managers outside of a Performance Review Cycle

Administrators can request peer feedback for managers who are unavailable to do it for themselves. This comes in handy when managers are out of town or on leave in the middle of performance review cycles.

Requesting Manager Requested Feedback​

1. Click on Feedback > Anytime feedback: Reporting & settings in the navigation

2. Under Manager-requested feedback select Request feedback:

3. Select the manager you are requesting for in the Request on Behalf of field:

  • The selected manager's team is automatically populated in the About field. Select who you want to collect feedback about.

  • Next, choose the peers who will write the feedback. You can select multiple people at once in the from field.

  • Review the default questions populated and modify them as needed

When ready, click Send Request


What happens to feedback when a user is deactivated?

If Manager Requested Feedback is submitted, and the user is then deactivated, the feedback will no longer be visible to the Manager or Admin. If the user is then reactivated, the submitted Manager Requested Feedback is again visible to both Manager and Admin.

Where can the reviewee find this feedback (once it has been shared with them)?

By default the feedback is not visible to the individual; as such, if the feedback has been shared with the individual themselves, it’s only accessible to them via the link in their email, or via the notification in the Notifications page (bell icon). It will not show under their Feedback page (Feedback > Your Feedback > Received); this only currently shows Anytime feedback received about them (ad hoc peer feedback).

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