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Welcome to the Manager effectiveness survey
Welcome to the Manager effectiveness survey

Summary Overview of the Manager Effectiveness Survey Template

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Summary Overview of the Manager Effectiveness Survey Template

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At Culture Amp, we’re always looking to improve how we help our customers collect accurate and actionable employee feedback. This means that when our customers use their unrestricted access to our survey template library, they can be sure that they’re drawing on robust, and up-to-date research. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our updated Manager Effectiveness Template, which incorporates new research on what makes an effective manager, including updates to Google’s Project Oxygen research.

What is manager effectiveness?

Culture Amp’s Manager Effectiveness survey, part of our Employee Effectiveness offering, is a simple but powerful way for organizations to capture actionable feedback for their people leaders across a range of management behaviors.

The management behaviors identified as your top drivers through the Culture Amp platform are the behaviors that are most likely having the biggest impact on manager effectiveness within your business. So if you were able to improve scores on these behaviors, you are likely to improve the effectiveness of your managers.

If your organization is new to the employee feedback process or your managers have expressed frustration with not getting enough valuable feedback from their teams, this is a great way to start.

For more information on Manager Effectiveness, see our article on why you should assess Manager Effectiveness.

What's different about the updated template?

It's Shorter. Culture Amp’s Manager Effectiveness 180 template now uses fewer questions (29) to capture feedback on crucial Manager Effectiveness behaviors, making it even easier for employees to complete the survey, and for your business to interpret the results.

Draws in New Google Research. The template also incorporates the recently added Project Oxygen behaviors, namely the behaviors of collaborating across the organization, effective decision making, creating an inclusive team environment and discussing performance. This adds to the comprehensiveness of the template, and ensures that our customers are able to capture feedback on more behaviors of effective management.

Refined and more Statistically Robust. In addition to drawing on external research, Culture Amp also conducted a factor analysis on over 40 Manager Effectiveness items to identify structure using the responses of over 50,000 individuals from over 80+ companies. Data on item usage, as well as response rates and distributions was also considered. This analysis identified key factors of Manager Effectiveness, as well as the best performing items for gathering useful effectiveness data, and informed the items selected for the Manager Effectiveness template. This is our part of our standard practice for continuously improving our template questions.

In short, the updates to the Manager Effectiveness template mean that the items and the factors best reflect current research on the behaviors that lead to effective people management. More valid and comprehensive questions will ensure better data quality, leading to better actions, and greater improvements to your workplace.

The new updated Manager Effectiveness template is automatically available for all Effectiveness and full-platform customers. You can find it now in your template library.

Please Note: The Manager Effectiveness Survey is a Snapshot survey. The set up and reporting will reflect that of an Engagement Survey (this will be the same as the Team Effectiveness Survey and different from the Individual and Leader Effectiveness Surveys).

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