Find a Colleague in the User Directory

Use the Find a colleague tile to locate colleagues & take quick actions like giving/requesting feedback or viewing & commenting on goals.

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How to use the Find a colleague tile to locate colleagues and take quick actions.

Who is this guide for?

Performance Users

At the bottom of your Home page you will see several tiles that are unique to the products that your organization has enabled. If the Performance product is enabled on your account, you will see the Find a colleague tile. Here you can search the directory in order to quickly locate any user in your organization.

In the directory you can take quick actions such as giving/requesting feedback or viewing and commenting on your peer's goals.

To find a colleague, use the search bar and click their name to open their profile.

On their profile, you'll see various tabs based on your account's features and your user permissions. These may include:

  • 1-on-1s

  • Feedback

  • Self-reflections

  • Goals

  • Performance reviews

  • Private notes


This tab appears when you're searching for your direct report. It shows any saved highlights, challenges, or roadblocks from your 1-on-1 meetings with them.


On the Feedback tab and depending on your permissions, it is possible to view Peer and Upward feedback, Anytime feedback, Manager-requested feedback and Team based feedback.

  • Peer and Upward feedback: Managers can view peer and upward feedback given during Performance reviews for their direct reports.

  • Manager-requested feedback: Any Manager-requested feedback given outside of a review cycle will be visible if shared with you.

  • Anytime feedback: Anytime feedback that has been shared with you will be visible, as well as the feedback you've given to the employee yourself.

  • Team-based feedback: Team-based feedback that has been shared with you will be visible, as well as any Team-based feedback you've given to the employee yourself.


The Self-reflections tab displays completed self-reflections. Managers can view reflections from both direct and indirect reports here.


The Goals tab displays goals that the employee has allowed you to see. For instance, if the goal visibility includes "everyone," "specific users" (including you), or "my manager" (if you're the employee's manager or indirect manager), you'll see these goals on this tab.

Performance reviews

The Performance reviews section displays completed manager reviews for closed Performance review cycles. If you're a manager, you'll see both your direct and indirect reports' reviews here.

Private notes

The Private notes section contains any notes you've made about the employee. These notes are private to you and are not even accessible by Performance Admins. It's useful for keeping track of employee details, particularly in preparation for upcoming performance reviews.

Give & Request Anytime feedback

To give or request feedback from the employee profile you're viewing, simply click the Give feedback or Request feedback option. This initiates the Anytime feedback workflow, providing templated guidance on how to proceed with giving or requesting feedback.

Quick comment

If you want to give another employee a short piece of feedback, you can do so by leaving a quick comment. This functions similarly to Anytime feedback but without using a template.




How can I export the private notes?

Unfortunately, there's no built-in way to print these notes directly. However, you can still export them with a workaround. Just hit Command + P (for Mac) or Ctrl + P (for PC), then choose to either print or save the document as a PDF.

Do self-reflection cycles need to be closed to view my direct or indirect reports' reflections in the directory?

No, the Self-reflection cycle doesn't have to be closed. As long as your direct or indirect reports have completed their Self-reflections, you will be able to view these in the directory.

Do performance review cycles need to be closed to view manager reviews for my direct or indirect reports in the directory?

Yes, the Performance review cycle must be closed, and the manager's review must be submitted before it becomes visible in the directory for both direct and indirect reports.

Can a manager see their indirect reports' peer and upward feedback in the directory?

Yes, managers can see a list of users who provided Peer and Upward feedback to their indirect reports in a performance review cycle. However, they won't be able to see the feedback content itself in the directory, just the list of contributors. Direct managers will be able to see the full content of any peer and upward feedback provided however.

Can a manager see Anytime feedback that their indirect report has shared with their direct manager?

No Anytime feedback shared with a manager is only visible to the direct manager in the directory view, not indirect managers.

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