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Update Demographics with the Account Demographics Editor
Update Demographics with the Account Demographics Editor

Guidance on how to update demographics using the account demographics editor

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How to update demographics using the account demographics editor

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Account Admins


The demographics that are pre-loaded against users as part of the Import Users process can be maintained using the Account Demographics page. This is handy if you want to edit the spelling or name of a demographic that is still being used. You can also maintain the demographic values (available as drop-downs), such as changing the name of a Department, or adding a new Manager to the list. If you need to change the demographics assigned to specific users, you still need to complete an additional step to edit the user details manually, or upload a file with the changes using the Import Users process.

Edit Account Level Demographics

To edit an existing demographic, add new demographic values or delete a demographic follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Settings > Account Demographics

  2. Click Add Demographic to create a new demographic, or

  3. Click the Pencil Icon to edit an existing demographic, including the demographic values.

    1. Add a new demographic value by clicking on Demographic Options > Add Select Option > Update to save.

  4. Click the Trash Can icon to delete a demographic. If you choose to delete a demographic, it will no longer be available in future surveys but will remain in existing surveys.


Note: All changes apply to surveys in Draft status. Surveys that are Live, Closed or Archived are not impacted if the demographics were used in those surveys.

Editing the Department Demographic (Performance Users)

When you update your department information you might still see old department names in the department drop-down menu in Performance. These old department names don't disappear automatically because there could be goals associated with them. Deleting the old names would also mean deleting those department goals.

To address this, you'll need to recreate any goals that were linked to the old department names under the new department values. If you're not sure whether there are any goals connected to the old department names, you can use the All Departments option on the Goals > Department Goals page to check.

Once you've done this, just reply with "Ask a Person" in a Support Conversation to speak with a Product Support Specialist. Provide them with a list of the old department names that you want to remove. The team will take care of manually deleting these old values for you.


What if I delete a demographic by accident and need this restored?

Deleted demographics will be automatically restored through an import, but this will happen only if the following conditions are met:

  1. The names of the demographics must match exactly with the deleted ones (naming and casing).

  2. There should be at least one change in demographic values for one or more employees so that the platform can register the change and restore the original values.

When a demographic is restored, it will come back with all the existing values intact, and any new values you've included will be added as well.

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