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Adding & Managing Your Employees
Adding & Managing Your Employees

Employee data file setup, language support, import error troubleshooting.

Create Your Employee Data FileStep-by-step instructions on preparing, formatting, and saving your employee data file for a seamless import into Culture Amp
Supported Languages in Culture AmpExplore Culture Amp in multiple languages! Simplified steps for Account Admins and Users.
Language Codes for Employee Data FileHow to assign a users preferred language in your employee data file
Update Demographics with the Account Demographics EditorGuidance on how to update demographics using the account demographics editor
How Employee Data Affects Organization StructureGuidance on how edits to your employee data can affect your Organization Structure
Age and Tenure Demographics
Decide Between Partial or Full imports When Updating Employee DataGuidance on the differences between a partial or full import
Import Employee Data into Culture AmpGuidance on importing your user data via an HRIS integration or manual user upload
How to Troubleshoot Common User Import ErrorsGuidance on how to troubleshoot and resolve common user import errors
Add Your HierarchySet up your hierarchy in Culture Amp for leader-based reports and performance tools. Follow steps to prepare, import, and validate data.
How to Troubleshoot Hierarchy ErrorsGuidance on how you can troubleshoot hierarchy errors when importing your user data
Add or Update Users IndividuallyGuidance on how to add or update existing users profile manually in the platform
Understanding Deactivated vs. Former EmployeesLearn about the differences between deactivated and former employees
Changing an Employee’s Name in Culture AmpHow to change an employee's name in Culture Amp
Removing Participants from a Live SurveyGuidance on removing participants from a live survey