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How to Install Microsoft Teams: A Guide for Admin Users
How to Install Microsoft Teams: A Guide for Admin Users

How to install Microsoft Teams for your organization

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What can I learn from this page?

How to install Microsoft Teams for your organization

Who is this guide for?

Account Admins

This article is here to guide you through enabling the Culture Amp app for download within your organization, from the Microsoft Teams admin center.

App Permissions

As an Admin, you can either allow or disallow the app for all users in their Teams account. You can also set up custom rules to allow/disallow apps for specific users/groups of users.

To enable the Culture Amp app for your users to download, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Teams apps > Manage apps

  2. Click Org-wide app settings in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Ensure Allow third-party apps is enabled. You can also enable Allow any new third-party apps published.

  4. Voila! Users can now install Culture Amp and other third-party apps in Microsoft Teams.


  • Ensure users are added to your Culture Amp account with matching email addresses from their Microsoft Teams profiles before installing the app. If email addresses change, the app will need to be reinstalled.

  • It may be possible to install Culture Amp for all users at once. Reach out to your IT team to see if they can do this without needing everyone to download it individually.



Customizing Third-Party App Permissions

If you only wish to enable certain third-party apps, such as Culture Amp:

  1. Select Teams Apps > Permission Policies

  2. Select your global app permission policy, it will be called something like Global (Org-wide default).

  3. Choose Allow Specific Apps and Block All Others

  4. Click Allow Apps and search for Culture Amp in the right-hand panel.






Learn more about app permissions from Microsoft Teams

App Setup for Admins

As a Microsoft Teams Admin, you can set up Culture Amp as a default app for all your employees. Despite this setup, users still have the option to uninstall or install the Microsoft Teams app themselves.

Note: Please ensure users are added to your Culture Amp account (with an email address matching their Microsoft Teams profile) before having them install the app in Microsoft Teams. If their email address changes in Culture Amp and Microsoft Teams, the app will need to be installed and reinstalled.

How to Pin Apps

Admins can allow or disallow users to pin apps to the left-hand navigation. They can also pin apps by default on a global or group level.

Note: For enhanced engagement and collaboration, we recommend installing Culture Amp as a default app for your organization. We also suggest pinning the app to facilitate easier access for providing developmental feedback.

To pin the Culture Amp app for all users:

  1. Go to Teams Apps > Setup Policies

  2. Click Add Apps and search for Culture Amp.

  3. Click Add to pin Culture Amp to your organization's apps.

  4. Optionally, enable Allow User Pinning for users to control their pinned apps.

  5. Once pinned, all users who have a matching email in Culture Amp will receive a 'welcome notification'.






Add the Culture Amp App to a Team to Use Shoutouts

Note that for Shoutouts to function properly, the Culture Amp app must first be added to a team. It's important that the person installing the app in the team is also a member of that team to ensure successful integration.

Follow the steps below to install:

1. In Microsoft Teams, go to the "Apps" section on the left-hand sidebar.

2. Search for "Culture Amp" in the Apps search bar.

3. Click on the Culture Amp logo to open the app card, rather than selecting "open."

4. Next to "open," click the downward-facing arrow, then choose "add to a team."

5. Choose the team where you want to install the app, then select "add bot to team."

6. If the installation is successful, the Culture Amp app will send a welcome message to the General channel of the selected Team.

7. Once installed, users can now give a shoutout using the Culture Amp app!

App Features and Notifications

Once the app is installed and users have downloaded it, you can receive platform notifications and access Culture Amp features directly from Teams.

Note: To enable or disable Microsoft Teams notifications for Effectiveness, Onboarding, Exit surveys, or Performance communications, contact our Culture Amp Support Team at or reply with Ask a Person to speak with a specialist during your conversation.


  • Give and receive shoutouts

Skills Coach

  • Receive Skills Coach notifications


  • Receive survey invitations and reminders.

  • Get notified about reports and insights.

  • Get reminders to view reports and select focus areas and actions.

  • Receive invites to complete action feedback surveys.

Once notifications have been enabled for the below modules, the following notifications will be sent:


  • Get notified when you've received feedback.

  • Get notified when your direct report received feedback and chose to share it with their manager. (only if manager sharing is enabled at the overall account level).

  • Receive invitations when someone requested feedback from you.

  • Get notified when feedback you gave or received has been commented on.

  • Receive reminders to complete performance reviews.


  • Participant invitations, reminders, and notifications.

  • Reviewer invitations, removals, and reset notifications.

  • Coach invitations, changes, and due date notifications.

  • Co-worker sharing notifications.

Experience (Onboarding/Exit)

  • Survey invitations and reminders.


An active user received a "Something's gone wrong" error when logging into Culture Amp via Microsoft Teams. What can I do to troubleshoot?

If the Culture Amp app was installed on Microsoft Teams prior to the user being added, this can cause the error to display. The user will need to uninstall the Culture Amp app for 48 hours to clear the app's cache, and then reinstall after this time passes. If they're still having trouble logging in, please contact the Culture Amp Support Team via email or ask to speak with a support specialist during your chat conversation.

Can Microsoft Teams notifications for a survey be disabled?

Yes, they can. If you need assistance with disabling notifications for a survey, please contact our Culture Amp Support team via email: or ask to speak with a support specialist during your chat conversation.

What should I do if a user changes their email address at the company?

If a userโ€™s email address has been changed in both MS teams and Culture Amp, MS teams needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled.

Is it possible to bulk install the app for all users?

While we don't directly support bulk installation, other customers have used methods like the Graph API. You can explore options for your organization by contacting your IT team.

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