Guide to Taking Action on Survey Results

An intro guide to taking action on survey results

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An intro guide to taking action on survey results

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

Congratulations if you've just closed your survey! It can be really exciting but also overwhelming once you start to look at all of the data your survey has now generated. Well, we're here to help!

The R2A process will take you through a series of communications and exercises designed to help you take your organization on an ongoing journey using data to help focus decision making, conversations, and ultimately actions to build a better culture.

This series of articles will guide you through the steps we recommend you follow to support and encourage your company (and leaders) to focus on building a better culture with resources you can use to do so.

Our recommendation is to use this process to help you narrow your focus and identify ONE question to focus on improving as an organization. You might also suggest teams or departments choose ONE additional question to focus on more locally if they like. Each question identified can be turned into a 'How might we' initiative. For example if we identify a question on collaboration we can in turn ask our organization a question such as "How might we better collaborate across organizational boundaries?".

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