How to unshare feedback reports in Individual effectiveness 360

Sometimes you or one of your coaches may share a feedback report with an employee by accident. This often happens because you or a coach decided that the employee should actually get feedback from one or more additional people.

Now, you can easily Unshare feedback with an employee. Simply click on the ••• menu for the process you want to Unshare, select Unshare feedback > Unshare.


Unsharing a process will move the status back from "Review" to "Coach." In effect, the employee will have their access to the feedback report revoked, and people who have been requested to provide feedback but haven't yet submitted their responses will be able complete their feedback surveys. You can also use this time to add, edit or remove reviewers.


Just remember, once you have Unshared the feedback report, you or the coach will need to Share it again before going through the Feedback Review process with the employee.

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