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How to set up 360 self review questions
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We recommend that you write 360° questions in the first person to create the feeling of a personal dialogue with the reviewer. However, for someone giving feedback on themselves, this could be confusing.

To ensure everyone has the best experience, you can create two versions for the same question in the survey designer - one to be shown on Self Review and another for all other reviewers.

1. From the Configuration page > questions tab of your survey, select the pencil icon to edit the question settings:


2. Adjust the Self-review text > update to save:


When adapting the question for Self Review, try to keep the basic meaning as unchanged as possible. The more consistent the meaning, the more accurate the comparison will be between the self and other reviewers.

For example, for the question “How do I help you to be successful?”:

  • Good: “How do you help others to be successful?”
  • Needs work: “Why are you so successful?”

While Culture Amp's Individual Effectiveness template already includes questions for all reviewers, if you are using your own template or custom questions, you can use the survey designer to create an alternate version of the questions so the wording is tailored to each employee’s Self Review.

You can view how each question will look to each type of reviewer by clicking onto Questions > Preview Survey: 


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