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How to best understand the variances in the  colour coding when viewing reports in the platform

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators, Report Viewers


Reports being viewed online use colored delta values, or heatmaps to indicate where variances occur.

If you've been looking at exports of reports and wondered why the scores are displayed in colors, it's really just a more visual way to group scores. Scores in Culture Amp report exports follow these color coding rules: 

Green when 75% or higher

Yellow between 60% and 74%

Red when 59% or lower


Often people use this as a "Good, Average, Bad" indicator but it's really important to remember that these are just indicating lower and higher scores. Getting a score under 60% (which will appear red), doesn't mean you've scored poorly necessarily. It may just be a hard question to score well on. For example, if you scored 51% on the question "I see myself at in 3 years' time" this can appear like a negative score, until you look at the New Tech benchmark and you realize that you are actually right on the benchmark score. Similarly this needs to be considered when looking at results between demographics. A high score for a team of 76% (green), may appear to be an awesome score, unless the company average was 98%. So all of these comparisons need to be considered in context.

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