Set up a strong password to protect your data


Password guidelines

To keep your data secure, create a complex and unique password. This will improve the security of your organization's information in Culture Amp. 

Using a password generation tool like LastPass or 1Password can do this for you, or you can create one manually using the best practices below. 

A long password is best, say 12 characters long (but at least 8 characters in length). Include at least 3 of the following:

  1. Uppercase letters
  2. Lowercase letters
  3. Numbers
  4. Symbols (!@#$%^&*?_~-)
  5. Unicode characters (e.g. ä, £, ҫ, see other examples)

Things to avoid

  • Common passwords (e.g. password, password123, admin, etc.)
  • Keyboard-adjacent characters (e.g. qwertyuiop)
  • Sequences (e.g. abcdefgh, 12345678)
  • Repeated characters (e.g. 11111111, xxxxxxxx)

To set a password

  1. Navigate the Culture Amp website Access the Sign In page by clicking the sign in link in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Click the Can't sign in? link beneath the Sign in button. Enter your email address, then click Send recovery email.
  3. Check your email and use the link provided to access the Set new password page.
  4. Type a new password (must be at least 8 characters long and complex), confirm the password and click Set password.
  5. Try and do this within 24 hours, as the link will expire after 24 hours

Forget your password?

No problem. It’s the same process whether you set or reset or forget. See the instructions above.

Just want to change your password?

Sign in with your usual password then access your profile page by clicking your logo in the top right-hand corner. Select My profile. Use the Change password link to enter a new password.

Your account is locked?

If you try to sign in more than 5 times your account will be locked. Wait one hour and your account will unlock, then click Forgot password? link to set a new password.

Are there other ways to sign in?

Yes! Speak to your Account Administrator about whether Single Sign On has been configured for your account.

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