Import and prepare demographics to include in surveys and cycles

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How to import and prepare demographics to include in surveys and cycles 

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Decide on your demographics

As part of importing employee data into Culture Amp, you will include demographics in order to unlock important insights into your organization’s culture and employees’ performance.

Here is a list of common demographic groups you might include in your employee data import. You can extend the demographics to include as many classifications as you like, so think about which ones may be appropriate and whether you have the data.

Most Common Demographics:    
  • Tenure bands (calculated automatically if you include start date)
  • Age range (calculated automatically if you include birth date)
  • Employee Type (Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Hourly, etc)
  • Department
  • Division
  • Team
  • Manager (Direct Manager or various manager levels)
  • Level, Contributor Type (Exec, Manager, Individual Contributor)
  • Location (Country, State, Office Location)
  • Job Family
  • Job Title (if there are enough people with the same title to group them)
  • Time in Role (based on date person started a new role/job, e.g. promotion date) *Not automatically calculated

Less Common Demographics:

  • Introversion/Extroversion or some other personality type indicator
  • Performance rating

  • Compensation factors (bonus or equity eligibility)

  • Salary Grade
  • Ethnicity

  • Key talent indicator
  • Social connection: ‘I knew someone at [the company] prior to joining.'

  • Management level

  • Acquired company
  • Recruitment source
  • Access or completion of Mentorship/Training programs

  • Recent promotions

  • Use of product/service

  • Part of mentor/buddy program



Note: Performance customers should include (at a minimum) Department, Job Title and Manager Email demographics (or equivalent options eg: Supervisor Email).

Import your data

Once you have selected your demographics, import your employee data.

Preview reports

One great way to see how your demographic uploaded and see if you need to make any adjustments is by previewing survey reports. Create a draft survey and click Preview in the upper right corner of any configuration screen. You will see a sample report with sample data and your actual demographic fields. If you see any room for improvement, return to your employee data and add any additional demographics you would like to see in Culture Amp or adjust the demographic values in your data, and re-import it. 



Age and tenure demographics

If Date of Birth and Start Date are included in your employee data, Culture Amp will automatically calculate age and tenure bands for you to filter by in your reports. The bands are as follows: 

Age Tenure
Less than 18 years

Less than 3 months

18-24 years 3-6 months
25-34 years 6-12 months
35-44 years 1-2 years
45-54 years 2-4 years
55-64 years 4-6 years
65+ years 6-10 years
  10+ years


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