Use Demographic Data in a Survey

How to use demographic data within a survey

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How to use demographic data within a survey

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Additional data about your people can be fascinating when analyzing survey results. Looking at data broken down by Departments, Tenure bands, Gender or Performance Ratings can give you real insight into how groups of people are feeling about certain themes.

Getting the Demographics

Demographics in Culture Amp can be gathered in two ways:

  1. Choosing demographics from pre-loaded account users

  2. Requesting demographics in a survey to be self-reported

Both methods can be used in the one survey if required. Maintenance of demographics is done using the Account Demographics Editor.

Reporting Group Minimums

Most surveys have a default reporting group minimum set to 5, meaning at least 5 people from a demographic group need to have taken the survey before results just for that group can be displayed in the survey reports. This minimum value also applies to combinations of groups, for example, you can't isolate scores for Engineers in San Francisco (Department demographic plus Location demographic), unless at least 5 people in that category submitted their survey.

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