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Impact is a word we use to refer to a statistical technique called a driver analysis. People Intelligence relies on a lot of data and analysis techniques, and one of the most powerful is Driver Analysis.

Driver Analysis lets you focus on the most important drivers of outcomes for your culture. Driver analysis lets you move beyond low and high scores.

Let's look at a specific example. We once worked with a charity - specifically, a children's charity. Despite scoring low on "Work-Life Balance" for many years, investments in this area had not led to an overall improvement in the culture and engagement at the organization. When we finally ran a driver analysis, it revealed that Work-Life balance wasn't a driver of engagement at this organization. No matter how much it was improved, it wasn't what made employees engaged with the organization. What was more important to employees was "spending resources efficiently". This was a children's charity. Seeing resources spent on the front line (the kids) is what engaged employees. If you work for a kids charity, that's the mission you connect with. By spending resources on Work-Life balance the organization risked disengaging employees. It was possible people would see this as waste, despite rating it lowly.

Driver analysis lets you move beyond "high and low" scores and see what is most effective for your organization.

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