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All employees, managers and administrators will start on their Home section when they sign into Culture Amp. 

The Home section consists of three sections DashboardActivity, and Tasks.

The Dashboard is a customizable overview displaying key information about your organization. To learn more about the Dashboard read this article.



The Activity section allows administrators to see recent activity and notifications to quickly access surveys or reports which they have recently interacted with. To learn more about the Activity section read this article.




The Tasks screen gathers everything employees need in Culture Amp into one place: 360s, feedback requests, and a history of completed tasks.


Waiting tasks 

There are some tasks you own, but are waiting on other people to do things (like give you 360 feedback). These sit in the Pending section and are not included in your open task count.

Old tasks

Open tasks more than three months old are much less likely to be actioned. These old tasks are hidden from task list and not included in the open task count. They can still be revealed and actioned at any time by clicking Show completed tasks link.

Open tasks can also become unactionable (for instance when an administrator closes the survey). These tasks move to completed tasks and are marked as incomplete.

Once a survey is archived by an administrator, any open tasks are removed completely, and only those tasks that were completed are displayed as completed tasks.

Completed tasks 

You can toggle the task view to see completed tasks.


Types of tasks

There are two main kind of tasks people will work with:

1. Single-step tasks

Simple tasks that you can complete in a single action, such as responding to a survey or giving feedback.


2. Multi-step tasks

Some tasks (like 360s and coaching) have more than one step and take place over a longer period of time. These multi-step tasks can be expanded to show all the required steps and your progress.



Mobile support

The Dashboard page is responsive for small screens. Employees can respond to surveys and give feedback on their phones and other small screens like tablets.

Some features, such as reports, are not available on small screens yet.


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