Create and share calibration views

Calibration views are an easy way to share performance review data with the right people. They contain performance reviews, self-reflections, goals, and peer feedback data associated with a set of selected employees.

A calibration view could be used to share the right information with all calibration committee members so they can review all the relevant information about the employees who will be calibrated prior to a calibration session.

Create a calibration view

The calibration view can be created by an account admin or HRBP.  Once created, they can share it with the people who need to see it. Follow these steps to create a calibration view:

Go to Admin>Performance reviews>Create calibration review


You can select a single review cycle or multiple for your calibration. A few notes on multiple-cycle calibrations:

  • Calibrating across multiple cycles is only possible when all cycles have the exact same assessment group question.
  • Calibration views that include multiple cycles cannot be exported.

There are also filters to scope the results to a subset of employees within one or more review cycles. For example, you could create a calibration view for engineers at levels 1 and 2 and another for all engineering directors.

In addition to searching by email, first and last name, you can filter results by the following attributes when adding employees to a calibration view:

  • Performance review cycle
  • Department
  • Manager
  • Job Title
  • Level
  • Location
  • Division
  • Business unit
  • Employment type
  • Gender

Edit a calibration view

You can easily edit the applied filters by selecting Edit view and saving any changes applied. Also, you can undo changes to return to the previously saved calibration view.

Share a calibration view

A calibration view can be shared at any time by an account admin or HRBP. 

Select Share view to share the view with a group of employees who will need access to the performance review information of the employee group. 


Each of the calibrators will receive an email and in-app notification to access the calibration view. It is important to note that calibrators will have read-only access to this information and will not be allowed to change any performance data. Access to calibration views is only revoked when the calibration view is deleted or individuals are manually removed from the list of recipients found in Share view.


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