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How to set up a demographic branching rule within your survey design 

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Demographic branching rule provides a personalized survey experience by allowing you to customize which questions are displayed to different participants depending on their demographics.

There are cases where you may want to show or hide questions to a specific group, for example only show a question to Managers in the Finance team, this support guide provides instructions on how to do that. 

How to add demographic branching rule in the new survey designer?

1.) Expand question and click Display Rule



2.) A modal will appear where you can add rule to show/hide that specific question


3.) To add multiple conditions click Add demographic rule


NOTE: When adding multiple rules, the rules for each demographic must all be met in order for the dependent question to be displayed.

In the example above, the question will show ONLY for participants who are in Age: 25-34 AND Department: Engineering AND Country: United States. This means that if a participant has Age of 25-34 years, is from Engineering department, but is not from the United States, the question will not show to that user.

4.) Upon hitting done, the modal will close and the page will refresh giving you an indication that the rule has been successfully added


Example scenarios of what you want to achieve and what rules to add:

Scenario Example Rules Result

I want to show this question only to Finance department.

Department is Finance

Question will show only for users who are in Finance department at the time of survey launch.

I want to hide this question for Finance department


Department is not Finance

Question will show only for users who are not in the Finance department.
I want to show this question either to Engineers OR female employees only *Currently, we do not support OR between conditions. This is not possible unless you create hybrid demographics containing all the options in a single demographic* This is not possible.
I want to show this question for employees in Australia or New Zealand, who are Senior managers and have been in the company for 1-2 years.

Country is Australia, New Zealand


Manager level is Senior


Tenure is 1-2 years

Question will show for users who are in Australia OR New Zealand

AND Manager level is Senior only

AND Tenure is 1-2 years


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