Set Up a Filter for the Comments Report

Guidance on how to set up a filter for the comments report

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How to set up a filter for the comments report

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When setting up your report sharing, you can select one demographic (with an option to request a second demographic) to act as filter/s for the Comments report. For example, you can filter comments by Department, so that the HR Business Partner can talk to the head of that department about the qualitative feedback received.

After you select your demographic filter/s they are locked-in for that survey and cannot be changed, so please choose wisely. The reason it is locked in is to protect the confidentiality of the participants who add comments to the survey. We don't want anyone to be able to triangulate who said a specific comment by filtering by various demographics.

How to Set Up a Filter for Comments

  1. Click Edit Survey for the survey on the Surveys page

  2. Click Comments under Settings

  3. Select a filter from the drop-down list (choose carefully as you only get one chance)

  4. Click Set Comment Filter to save

What's the Reason for Limiting Demographic Filters for Comments?

In short, it is one of our measures to maintain the confidentiality of feedback from your colleagues.

  • It is the responsibility of Culture Amp and the Survey Administrators to ensure that the Reporting Rules (How your feedback will be displayed page) are followed

  • Confidentiality is maintained by only displaying results by aggregates and reporting minimums

  • Verbatim comments can make individuals identifiable

  • Providing multiple filters on the comments can increase those chances via a process of elimination

Ultimately, we want employees to feel as comfortable as possible when they provide their feedback. We want to avoid having respondents question the integrity of the survey and administrators which is why we only provide the option to select one filter for the comments report, with the possibility of requesting one additional filter if needed.

How Do I Ask for an Additional Comment Filter?

To request a second comment filter, simply reach out to our Culture Amp Support team via email at, or reply with "ask a person" during your chat conversation to speak with a specialist. Please provide the survey name and confirm the additional demographic you'd like enabled for the comments report.

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