Use answer branching rules in a survey

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How to use answer based branching rules in a survey

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Answer-based rules, also known as answer-based branching, provide a personalized survey experience by allowing you to show or hide questions to participants depending on their answer to a previous question. This article will guide you on how to add and edit these rules.

How to add answer branching rule in the new survey designer

1. Expand the question you would like to display/hide and click Display Rule. A modal will appear so you can select when that question will be displayed or hidden. 

NOTE: The rule should be added on the 'child' question (dependent question). 


2. To add answer-based rule, click Add answer rule


3. When adding the rule, you can type on the question text field to find your questions. Only, select questions (single and multi-select) can be parent questions.

NOTE: You can only add one answer rule per question.

4. After adding the parent question you want to branch off from, select the answer(s) to complete the rule.

In the example below, the question "What did you think about the Radical Candor manager training" will only show to participants who answered 'Yes' to the question "Did you attend the Radical Candor manager training?".

NOTE: When creating a rule from a multi-select question, you can select multiple answer values and the rule will work as an "OR". 


5. You can also add demographic rules if you want to show this question only to a specific demographic group.

In the example below, the question will show ONLY for participants if:

- they answer 'Yes' in the question "Did you attend the Radical Candor manager training?"

- AND if their demographic Department is either 'Support' OR 'HR'


6. Upon hitting done, the modal will close and the page will refresh giving you an indication that the rule has been successfully added.



Parent question - The question that starts the branch and decides which question(s) to show or hide, depending on the answer the participant select.

Child question - The dependent question. This questions is displayed or hidden depending on the answer to the parent question. 

Answer rule - An answer rule is a condition to determine whether a question will be shown to a participant based on their answer to a previous question. You can only have one answer rule per question. 

Modal - A modal is the small screen that pops up when you click "Display rule" button. This is where you can add/edit/delete an answer rule.

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