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An overview of what is possible with the Microsoft Teams app: how to install the app, how to use quick commands and the types of notifications available

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Install the Culture Amp app for Microsoft Teams so employees can receive notifications, and access Culture Amp features straight from Teams. 

What's possible with the app?

Our app for Microsoft Teams allows you to use Culture Amp directly in Teams. The following features are currently available with the app: 

Skills Coach

  • Receive Skills Coach notifications 


  • Receive survey invitations
  • Receive survey reminders
  • Get notified when you gain access to reports and insights
  • Reminder to view a report
  • Reminder to select focus areas
  • Reminder to select actions
  • Reminder when an action is almost due
  • Invitations to the action feedback survey


  • Give feedback to colleagues
  • View feedback from colleagues
  • Respond to feedback requests from colleagues
  • Share feedback with managers
  • Request feedback from colleagues


  • Participant - Invitation and Reminder 
  • Participant - Nomination Invitation and Reminder
  • Participant - Feedback Ready (Coachless)
  • Participant - Due Date Passed (Coachless)
  • Participant - Coach Changed
  • Reviewer/s - Invitation and Reminder 
  • Reviewer/s - Removed
  • Reviewer/s - Reset Notification
  • Coach - Invitation 
  • Coach - Feedback Ready
  • Coach - Coach Changed
  • Coach - Due Date Passed
  • Co-worker - Sharing Notification

NOTE: To have this enabled on your Effectiveness Surveys, please reach out to 

How to install the app



  1. To install the app, make sure you're signed into Teams with your work account. 
  2. From Teams, go to the store and search for Culture Amp 
  3. Click Add to install the app. 
  4. Once you’ve installed the Culture Amp app, you'll be asked to sign in with your Culture Amp account. You are able to receive Culture Amp notifications as soon as you install the app. However, to get the full experience you must sign in with your Culture Amp account.  
  5. Follow the prompt to sign in with your Culture Amp account. 

NOTE: Your organization's admin for Microsoft Teams must enable the Culture Amp app within your 3rd party apps catalog for Teams. If you don't see Culture Amp listed in the app store, ask your organization's admin for Microsoft Teams to enable it.

Now that you've connected your Culture Amp profile with Teams, you can use commands such as “Give feedback” and receive more contextual notifications. 

Use Performance Quick Commands

You can give and receive feedback quickly with shortcut commands.

  1. Type @culture amp or @culture into the top search bar or messenger field or click the Culture Amp logo
  2. This will open a popup box with the options to give feedback or request feedback.



Give Feedback

To give feedback, select the user you wish to give feedback on and enter your feedback in the free text field. The feedback must be 5 or more characters or the feedback screen will display an error message upon submitting the feedback.


Choose whether you want to share the feedback with their manager and then click “Send feedback.” 

What happens to the information you enter?

  • The recipient will receive a notification in Teams containing your feedback. 
  • If you choose to do so, the feedback will be shared with their manager in Teams.  
  • Your feedback will also be added to the recipient’s profile in Culture Amp. It will be visible to you, the recipient and if shared, their manager.  

Request Feedback 

To request feedback, select the user you wish to receive feedback from and leave them a prompt in the free text field. 





When you'll receive Engagement notifications from Culture Amp: 

  • You're invited to participate in a survey
  • Reminders to participate in a survey
  • A survey report has been shared with you
  • Reminder to view a report
  • Reminder to select focus areas
  • Reminder to select actions
  • Reminder when an action is almost due
  • Invitations to the action feedback survey






When you'll receive Performance notifications from Culture Amp:

  • You've received feedback
  • Your direct report received feedback and selected "share feedback with their manager" 
  • Someone has requested feedback from you
  • Feedback you gave or received is commented on 
  • Reminders to complete performance reviews




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