Deciding which performance questions are shareable

When building out the performance cycle process, Account admins will decide which questions managers can share with their direct reports for peer feedback, upward feedback, and manager review. You can select some or all of the questions to be sharable. Keep in mind, when feedback shared with direct reports, the feedback will include the reviewer's names. 


Which questions should be shared? 

Knowing what to share can confusing but we have a simple heuristic to help you. In short, share qualitative feedback directly, but not categorical/rating feedback. Qualitative feedback will help the employee learn and grow, or create a sense of accomplishment. While rating/categorical feedback is better shared through a conversation. This is because rating feedback, or any that places employees into categories, puts employees into a fight or flight response. In turn making them less likely to digest the useful feedback, as well as more likely to get into a fixed mindset (“I am a 2 and always will be”). By sharing qualitative feedback, you can instead answer the growth mindset question of “what can I do to improve?”

Examples of qualitative feedback that can be shared directly in the platform:

  • Responses to "How has this person progressed over [insert time frame]?"
  • Responses to "Over [time frame until the next cycle], what’s one thing this person could improve upon or get additional coaching on?"

Examples of rating/categorical feedback that should be discussed outside the platform:

  • How they were categorized on "Overall, how would you evaluate this person's performance?"
  • How they were categorized on "This person is ready for promotion today."

For all templates, but especially peer and upward feedback, we recommend including at least one question that will not be shared with the employee. This will give others the chance to raise feedback that they don't want to be shared with the employee directly. 

How does sharing work?

  • Account admins must turn on the sharing feature for feedback to be shared
  • Peer and upward feedback can be shared separately from manager reviews, or altogether
  • Once the sharing feature is enabled, Managers, Account admins, and HRBPs will have the ability to share
  • Managers will be notified in their task list when feedback is available to be shared


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