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Providing Feedback with Performance
Providing Feedback with Performance

Guidance on the different resources available to support you with giving feedback in Performance

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What can I learn from this page?

Information on the different resources available to help you provide feedback using the Performance module (Peer/Upward feedback (review cycle), Anytime Feedback, Self-Reflections)

Who is this guide for?

Employees and Managers

I am giving feedback as part of (a)...

Performance Reviews

As participant in a Performance Review cycle, you'll likely be asked to provide feedback about your peers, direct reports and/or your manager(s). Feedback provided about you will culminate in a performance review written by your manager, which may be calibrated with other managers and your HR or People team to ensure a fair and equitable review.

Here are some links to provide you with further information concerning our performance review cycles:

Performance Resources

  • What to expect as a participant

  • How to nominate your peers to give you feedback

  • How to edit who you've nominated to give you feedback

  • How to provide feedback to your coworkers (Peer Feedback) and manager(s) (Upward Feedback)

  • "Why is the submit button grayed out?" and other FAQs

  • How to request feedback about your direct reports

  • How to review upward feedback requests in a cycle with automation

  • How to share your review

Plus FAQs including:

  • "Why is the submit button grayed out?"

  • "Why can’t I see my direct reports’ reviews?"

  • "How can I view my indirect reports' Performance Reviews?"

This is a self-guided course for employees to learn everything you need to know to participate in a performance review in your organization, including:

  • What to expect in the performance review

  • How to use the Culture Amp platform to nominate reviewers, give peer and upward feedback, and write your self-reflection

  • Tips for who to nominate, how to write a great self-reflection, and how to write effective peer and upward feedback


At Culture Amp, we know that self-reflection is a key step in a performance review so that your manager can better understand your own performance and thought processes. In writing your self-reflection, you can comment on your achievements, learnings, and areas for growth during the review period. This component ensures that your voice is heard!

As a participant in a self-reflection cycle, or a manager reviewing your direct reports' self-reflection, you may have questions pertaining to deadlines, or commenting on a completed self-reflection. We've compiled the below resources in order to help you navigate this process with ease. The Culture Amp Training video provided above touches on Self Reflections as well!

Self-Reflection Resources

  • How to complete a Self-Reflection as a participant

  • How to track your Self-Reflection

  • Accessing your direct reports' Self-Reflection

  • Commenting on self-reflections

  • How to view your indirect reports' Self-Reflection

Anytime Feedback

Typically in the past, the only time to provide substantial feedback to your coworkers and leadership was during the performance review cycle. Feedback is an important opportunity to learn and grow, and at Culture Amp, we know that feedback is valuable all the time! Within the Anytime Feedback module, you are able to send out feedback to colleagues whenever you feel compelled to, as well as request feedback on how you can improve.

Here are some helpful links to assist you with completing or sending out requests for Anytime Feedback!

Anytime Feedback Resources

  • How to request feedback

  • How to give requested feedback

  • How to give unsolicited feedback

  • How to give feedback within 1-on-1’s, Goals and Development

  • Other FAQs!

  • How Anytime Feedback works

  • Anytime Feedback quick guide

Manager-requested feedback

Manager-requested feedback allows managers to request feedback about their direct reports from other individuals, outside of a performance cycle. Since managers can’t be in all places at once, this can give managers insight into an employee’s performance and experience that the manager wouldn’t have on their own.

Please see the guide below for further information on Manager-requested feedback:

Manager-requested Feedback Resources

  • How to request feedback as a manager for your direct reports

  • How to edit the question template

  • How to withdraw feedback

  • Other FAQs about editing responses, adding/removing comments, and more

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