Guide to populating HRBP or Department Goal Creator permissions

 What can I learn from this page?  How to populate a CSV to bulk assign HRBP   and Department Goal Creator permissions to   users
 Who is this page for? Performance Admin


Culture Amp can work with Performance enabled customers (specifically Performance Administrators) to bulk assign HRBP and Department Goal Creator permissions to users in your Culture Amp account. 

We bulk assign the permissions via import using a formatted CSV file that has been prepared / populated by you.  To avoid possible problems with formatting, it is preferred that we receive the file in Excel / Google Sheets format prior to us converting to CSV ready for import. 


Limitations & Notes

  • The import process is ‘overwrite' (not additive) for the users and roles included in the file.
    i.e if a user included in the import file already has an HRBP or Department Goal Creator permission assigned to their profile but that assignment is not included in the import file, then their permissions will be replaced with the ones that are in the file.
  • Since the import process is 'overwrite’, it is possible for us to bulk remove permissions via an import.
  • A Department must be 'in use' for a permission to be applied, i.e 1 or more users in your employee data file must be assigned to a Department in order for an HRBP or Department Goal Creator permission to be assigned to that Department.


Import File Preparation

A template of the file can be found here (Google Sheet)


Column headers in file (description of values in parentheses below):

email (HRBP or Department Goal Creators email address) Must be an active user in your account
role (options are hr_business_partner (for HRBP permission) or department_manager (for Department Goal Creator Permission)
- department1 (name of first department you want to assign to that user) Value must be an exact match to the Department value (select option) in your Account Demographic


Additional assignments can be added to the import by adding 1 additional column for each department and incrementing the department number accordingly. Eg. 





Need further guidance / support?  Contact our Product Support Team and we'll be happy help!



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