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Changing a Manager in a Live Performance Review Cycle
Changing a Manager in a Live Performance Review Cycle

Guidance on how to update a manager in a live Performance Cycle

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Guidance on updating the Manager during a live Performance Cycle

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Performance Admins

If you need to change a manager during an ongoing performance review cycle, it's totally doable! If the previous manager has already entered saved data for a user's Manager Review, then the new manager will see that data, once updated.

Update via your HRIS

If you have an HRIS integration, update the employee's hierarchy demographic value (typically Manager Email) in your HRIS file. Then, sync the updates across to the platform. In Culture Amp, go to Settings > Data Integrations > Sync > Review > Import Data to trigger a manual sync.

Update via SFTP

If you have an SFTP connection, make sure to update the employee's hierarchy demographic value (usually Manager Email) in your SFTP file. Once the SFTP connection is established, we'll check for employee data updates every 10 minutes and process any changes to the platform.

Update via a Manual User Import

No Integration? No Problem: You can update directly in the platform or via manual user import.

To do so via a user import, export users from the Settings > Users page. In the exported file, find the hierarchy demographic (typically Manager Email) and update the manager email value for the specific user/s. Save and import the update via Settings > Users > Import Users. Check out our instructions for manually importing your user data here.

Update Individually in the Platform

If you have just a few manager updates, you can do it directly in the platform. Go to Settings > Users in Culture Amp. Use the search field to locate the employee, click their name to open their profile, then update the manager value in the hierarchy section. Save the changes.

Once you've made the update, it will sync with the performance review cycle automatically. It usually takes around 30-40 minutes. If you need more help, reach out to our Culture Amp Support team via email: or ask to speak with a support specialist during your chat conversation.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Remember to update any other custom manager demographics in your employee data, like Manager Name or Supervisor Name at the same time. This helps maintain consistency across the platform where these demographics are used. Simply updating the Manager Email won't automatically update these other fields. You'll need to update them separately.


Why is the manager not showing up as an option when updating a user?

If you can't find the manager when updating a user individually in the platform, it's likely because they haven't been added as a manager yet. You'll need to either update your user file to assign the manager's email to the relevant direct reports and import the changes, or update your HRIS file directly if you have an integration.

Once the manager has been assigned to a user through user import or HRIS sync, they will appear in the hierarchy dropdown for future manual assignments.

How can I check which demographic influences the hierarchy?

Go to your Settings, then the Account Demographics page. Look for the hierarchy symbol.

Once the new manager has been assigned, can they view the previous manager's review during an ongoing performance review?

Yes, they can. Once the new manager has been updated, they'll have access to any saved manager review data from the previous manager's review.

How can the new manager access the performance review for their direct reports?

They can find it under Performance > Reviews > Direct Reports. Just click on the cycle to view. You can learn more here.

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