What the purpose of a program is and how to create one

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An overview of our Programs feature

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What is a Program?

A program is a series of connected surveys that all progress a common goal over time.


The most common example would be grouping your Engagement and pulse surveys together, but here are some other examples:

  • A COVID-19 Program would include all of your surveys that relate to your workforce’s experience during COVID. This could include your COVID-19 Response survey(s) and Prepare for Returning to Work survey.

  • An Onboarding Program would group all of your Onboarding surveys (e.g., 30, 60, 90 day check-ins) together.

In their current form, Programs are great for visualizing your listening strategy and keeping your surveys organized. Throughout the next few months, we'll also be working on a Program Overview Report, that looks across all the surveys on a program and helps you build out and share the story over time.

Note: Programs are available to all, but we’re rolling out an improved experience to the surveys and programs page in a staged release. This page helps you get an overview of your feedback strategy through quick access to relevant surveys and programs. If you do not see it visible in your account yet, reach out to your Customer Success coach or Support to opt-in early.

How to Create a Program

  1. Go to Surveys and Programs > Create a Program

  2. Name the program

  3. Add existing surveys to the program using the Add Existing Survey option:

  4. or select the Create New Survey option to select a template and Add to Program:




We've also made it easy to build out the program using survey duplication. Once you add a survey to a program, select duplicate survey to create more. The duplicated surveys carry over over the same questions, demographics, reporting settings, communication settings, and shared reports. Also, when duplicating a survey, you can choose to group both surveys into a new program.

How to Decide if It Should Be a Program or a Standalone Survey

Most of your surveys will be best placed in a program. A survey should be standalone if:

  • You have no other surveys assessing the same outcome

  • And you do not plan to run any related surveys in the future

For example, for most companies, a Benefits survey is not run at a regular cadence and would be a standalone survey.


What surveys can go on a program?

All surveys types can go into a program, except 360s. Programs can include surveys that have closed or been archived.

Can one survey be on many programs?

Yes. Example: if you added a COVID Response Effectiveness factor to one of your big Engagement surveys, you might want to put that one survey on both your Engagement Program, and your COVID Pulse Program. For now, this is just an option to help keep things organized and manage the macro survey schedule, but the overview report we’re planning should surface the right information on the right program.

Does deleting a program delete the surveys it contains?

No, a program is an independent wrapper for the surveys. Deleting it doesn’t harm the surveys.

Who can view or edit programs?

Only Account Admins can view or edit programs.

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