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How to archive a survey

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How to archive a survey

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There are three main reasons for archiving your surveys:

  1. A survey is old, and you are unlikely to use it again

  2. You've been using the survey to pilot, test or trial particular types of surveys, and it is cluttering up the Surveys page for you and your admins

  3. People no longer need to view the survey reports regularly, and there are more recent surveys that should be displayed when people sign in to Culture Amp

An archived survey will not be deleted, instead it is displayed when filtering by Archived on the Surveys page. All reports can still be viewed, but Survey Administrators can no longer resend/reset surveys.

For 360 surveys, any outstanding tasks to be completed are automatically removed from people's Dashboard page. Any tasks that were completed are visible under the Completed tasks section.

How to Archive Surveys

  1. Click the drop-down near View reports/Edit Survey button for a survey

  2. Click the Archive option


Note: Archiving a survey will close a survey, even if it is currently active and will mean responses will not be collected, even if survey links have been sent out.

How to Unarchive Surveys

You can unarchive your surveys by clicking the Archived surveys link in the left navigation bar on your Surveys page.

  1. Find the survey you wish to unarchive, and click the drop-down near the Edit Survey button

  2. Click the Restore option

  3. Go to the Launch Plan page (once you are ready to reactivate the survey)

  4. Click on the Reopen Now button


Note: Unarchiving a survey will return it to the survey status that it was in prior to archiving. This is with the exception of surveys that were previously active, unarchiving a survey that was previously Active will take it to a Closed survey status.

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