Access a Survey by Logging in

How to access a survey by logging into Culture Amp

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How to access a survey by logging into Culture Amp

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Survey Participants

As a survey participant, you can access any survey you may have been invited to by going to the login page and logging in to your Culture Amp Platform Homepage either using your email and password, via Google login or SSO if enabled by your organization.
On the homepage, you will find any tasks that require your attention such as participating in your company's survey or giving feedback on an action created within a report:


If you are signing in via Email and you do not know your password/have not created one yet, select Can't sign in to send a new password email.

Input your email address on this page and we will send you a link to that email address which you can use to set the password for your account. We would recommend that you set up a strong password to protect your data when completing this step.

Note: the link in the reset email does expire after a few hours so you should follow the link to set the password shortly after receiving it to avoid any problems. If you happen to get a "token expired" error when following the link in the email, please start the process again.

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