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Guidance on how to use the skills summary to track your Anytime feedback and progress over time when receiving feedback

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How to track your Anytime feedback to monitor your progress over time using the Skills summary

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If your organization have set up Skill cards, they will be shown whenever someone gives feedback to a colleague within the Culture Amp platform.

If skills have been rated as part of the submitted feedback, you'll see how you were rated when viewing the feedback in the platform:


You can also track your feedback to monitor your progress over time via your Skills summary (Feedback > Anytime Feedback: You > Skills summary)

What's Included

  • Progress chart

  • Breakdown of skill categories with stats (hover over / click through)

  • Breakdown of each skill with stats (hover over)

How to Interpret the Stats

Breakdown of skill categories = "# feedback"


This tells you the number of times skills from that category have been shown for people giving you feedback.

Breakdown of skill categories = hover over


If you hover over a category, it will show you how many people actually rated the skills (as well as the number of unique reviewers). In the example above when hovering over, you'll see that 'Rocking it' has been rated 36 times and 'Getting there' 11 times and this is how your % is calculated (77% in the above example).

Breakdown of skill categories = click through

If you click on the category, you'll be directed to a further breakdown, this time showing you stats for each of the skills included in that category:


A Couple of Things to Note:

Skipping Skills:

  • When giving feedback, you can skip certain skills if you're not comfortable evaluating them or skip them all if you prefer providing qualitative feedback only.

No Penalty for Skipped Skills:

  • If all skills are skipped, your overall rating won't be marked down. Instead, it shows as 50%. Once you receive your first rating, the actual percentage will be calculated from there.

"Rocking it" and "Getting there" Customization:

  • The terms "Rocking it" (truly excels) and "Getting there" (approaching greatness) may vary in your account. Organizations can customize these terms based on their specific criteria and preferences.


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