Configure Skill Cards

How to configure skill cards and categories

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How to configure skill cards and categories

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Skill cards are shown whenever someone gives feedback to a colleague within the Culture Amp platform; however, they are not shown when providing feedback through an integration or app (Chrome, Slack, or Teams).

By default you start out with 5 skill card categories. You can see the out of the box skill cards in this workbook. In this article we’ll review how to customise the skill cards that are shown.

Navigate to skill cards

As an Administrator you can configure which skill cards are shown for certain departments and job titles.

From your Performance homepage, go to Feedback > Anytime feedback > Reporting & Settings:


From there, click into Skills Settings to view the Skill Categories (which are groupings of similar skills).


Draft changes

Delete the category by dragging the card over the Delete button at the bottom of the screen*:


💡 Tip: It's necessary to have at least 1 published skills category on your account, so in order to delete all of our default skills, first create and publish a new custom one, then you can proceed to delete the last default one.

Add a new skill by clicking New Skill in the top right hand corner, under the relevant category:


Once finishing typing the name, press enter to commit changes.
You will be prompted to add a description which will display on the back of the skill card when a feedback giver looks for more information.


Note: Rocking it and Getting There are the default values for our Skill Cards, but this verbiage can be updated by our Support team upon request.

To assign the category, click into the relevant category, select Assign Skills in the top right.

  • You can assign to everyone by checking Everyone

  • You can assign to everyone in a specific department by checking the department

  • You can assign to specific job titles by clicking on the v next to the department and then checking the relevant titles


Publish changes

When making changes your edits will be made in a draft mode.
You will then be able to preview before publishing.
To finalise, click Publish.

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