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Modify sender name on email communications
Modify sender name on email communications
How to modify the sender name on email communications
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How to modify the sender name on email communications

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Account Admins

The custom Sender Name feature makes it easier than ever to collect feedback in real-time by delivering Culture Amp survey invitations, reminders, and prompts to your employees with a more personalized, company-branded set of email communications.

While email is a common communication method, it is easy for people to not recognize some emails and mark them as spam. This means that your team members miss the opportunity to provide critical feedback. Our Sender Name customization makes survey participation frictionless.

Customizing the Sender Name on Emails

Account administrators can modify the Sender Name for any emails communications delivered on their account. This ensures that recipients will see recognizable information in their email inbox, such as company name, when a survey is launched.

By customizing the Sender Name, you are able to add a word or phrase to the beginning of the Sender field for all Culture Amp email communications. For example, your organization may choose to add your company name, such as Hooli, to the Sender field:


How to Customize Sender Name

You can customize the Sender Name through the following steps:

  • Click Settings button

  • Select the Settings tab under Account

  • Enter a string of text into the Primary Email Sender field and click Update

Once this is complete, almost all email communications for your Culture Amp account will include a more personalized Sender Name. (Please note that customization is not applied to emails sent from the performance part of the platform)


Account Settings Page Prior to Saving a Custom Sender Name


Account Settings Page After Saving a Custom Sender Name

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