Guide to Presenting Results: Overview

An overview guide to presenting your results using the powerpoint export

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An overview guide to presenting your results using the powerpoint export

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators


Here, we outline the sections found within the Powerpoint Presentation that customers can generate from their results. The sections are designed to help you and your leaders identify candidate areas for action and then narrow this down to your final focus areas and some commitments. Consider our comments talking points and considerations on how to tailor the content to your own context.

  • Intro: It's worth starting your presentation setting context, some definitions of concepts and benchmarks, and what was done to collect the data.

  • Participation: These slides acknowledge how representative the feedback you collected was.

  • Overall Engagement & Survey Factors: These slides should cover where you are now, a snapshot of engagement at the overall level while touching on the high-level picture of your results by factor.

  • Strengths & Opportunities: These slides should cover your highest (strengths) and lowest (opportunities) scoring questions, together with the same compared to previous data or benchmarks.

  • Taking Action (Focus & Next Steps): These slides help point your audience to a select number of questions that you have highlighted as potential focus areas, taking input from the Impact Analysis and Focus Agent. This is then followed by slides where you review the stand outs identified earlier and prompt conversation towards deciding on final focus areas and commitments.

Optional Extras

Furthermore, we have seen customers successfully use combinations of the following slides to support their presentation with specific data, commentary and/or narrative.

  • Within-Company Comparisons: Demographic breakdowns can be useful because they show side by side comparisons, highlighting hot spots and low areas. People can be sensitive about their own department or areas positioning here.

  • Comments: These slides show samples of comments from open ended questions and are best seen as supporting the previously presented data.

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