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Export reports of survey results as Powerpoint presentation
Export reports of survey results as Powerpoint presentation

How to generate a powerpoint of your survey results

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How to generate a powerpoint of your survey results

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators, Report Viewers

To generate a Powerpoint presentation of your survey results, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Export menu and select Build PowerPoint (if this option is not visible, contact for more information)

  2. Select comparisons – these are the past surveys or benchmarks that you’d like to see alongside your current survey results

  3. Choose a demographic for displaying a participation breakdown

  4. Click Build PowerPoint

Depending on the size of your survey, the download may take a few seconds or up to a minute to generate. It will download to your computer.


Which comparisons should I select?

In most cases, we recommend that you select one past survey and one benchmark as your comparison options, but it’s fine to choose two past surveys, two benchmarks, one of either, or even no comparisons at all! The presentation should work fine with any combination.*

People with access to shared reports will see an option to compare with the ‘Company overall’ in addition to benchmark and past survey comparisons.

Which demographic should I select for participation breakdown?

Try to find one that covers your whole company and divides it into 5-20 groups. Common selections here are “Team”, “Department” or “Country”. If you’re not sure that you’ve got a good option here, it’s fine to not select a demographic.

What does the presentation contain?

The presentation varies a little depending on your survey data and the options you select, but broadly speaking it tells the story of your survey, from ‘What is Engagement?’ through to ‘What should we do next?’, looking at your key scores, strengths, opportunities, trends and suggested focus areas.

Note: If both comparisons are selected when building the powerpoint, the Opportunities (Highest 3 and Lowest 3 scores) slide uses the 1st selected comparison, while the Trends slide uses the 2nd selected comparison.

Use our Results Presentation guide for reference on what to talk about and considerations for what you might include or exclude when customizing the presentation.

Which presentation formats do you support?

The presentation exports in PowerPoint (.ppt) format, and can be viewed in Keynote or Google Slides.

Can I edit the presentation?

Yes! The exported presentation is a native PowerPoint file, meaning that all the text and styling is editable.

Can I export a presentation with demographic filters applied?

For Engagement surveys, if demographic filters have been applied, exported presentations will represent the filtered results. If two or more demographic filters are applied, comparisons to historical surveys will be unavailable to select. Additionally, if two or more demographic filters are applied, the participation breakdown option will be disabled.

Is this feature available for all surveys?

For information about PowerPoint export for Individual Effectiveness (360) surveys, take a look here. PowerPoint Export is not yet available for Onboard and Exit surveys. You may also find that it is not available on some other surveys – in this case, you can contact to learn more.

I received an error when exporting my Powerpoint. What should I check?

The two main things to check when receiving the error are that you have an Index Factor selected for the survey, and that this factor contains rating questions. If you're still receiving this error, please contact and we'll be able to help!

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