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Go1 Learning Resources in Career Paths Competencies
Go1 Learning Resources in Career Paths Competencies

An overview of the Culture Amp and Go1 learning resources partnership

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An overview of the Culture Amp and Go1 learning resources partnership

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Culture Amp and Go1 have partnered to bring you curated learning content in Career Paths as a springboard for learning and development. Each of the recommended competencies that come with Career Paths is paired with a playlist of courses:

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Inclusion

  • Personal effectiveness

  • Execution

  • Problem-solving

  • Strategic thinking

  • Innovation

  • Leading people

This content is hosted by Go1 and will require a simple one-time registration by users to access.

Note: If you are a paying customer of both Go1 and Culture Amp, you should replace the Go1 resource links in Culture Amp with your own instance/portal links within each core competency. This is an important step to to avoid directing your employees to Culture Amp’s Go1 portal instead of yours! Click here to learn more.


Culture Amp Admins can view and edit the learning resources from the Development > Career Paths > Competency Library. Once in the competency library, you can edit a competency to update the learning resources.

Learning resources are a free text field with rich text editing - allowing you to add and remove links to relevant content.

Our readymade competencies will link to existing Culture Amp resources including Playbook ideas and Skills Coach courses. We have also included links to Culture Amp curated Go-1 courses.

Deleting all of the content within the learning resource section will hide the section from end users.

Controlling Visibility

Learning resources will only be visible to employees once the associated competency is added to a job group with the visibility set to “everyone”. To update the visibility setting of a job select Edit.

Employee View

When viewing competencies within Career Paths (and development plans in H2 2023), learning resources will display as an expandable content block. The section will not display if no content is added.

Clicking a course link directs users to the cultureamp-partner instances of the Go1 platform. When visiting the page for the first time, new users will need to set a username and password.

Once in the Go1 platform, employees have access to any of the 18 available courses.

Course Outlines

Strategic Thinking - Interactive courses focussed on creating plans for the future by thinking commercially and holistically, taking into account multiple perspectives and external factors.

Innovation - Interactive courses focussed on creating and implementing innovative ideas through critical thinking, design thinking and experimentation.

Communication - Courses designed to help people share information clearly and honestly through storytelling. Understand the common ‘fails’ when it comes to communicating effectively.

Problem-solving - Interactive courses focussed on using a structured and proactive approach to identify and solve complex problems.

Collaboration - Interactive courses focussed success collaboration skills. Skills that help cross-functional teams achieve shared goals, foster teamwork, and build and maintain networks.

Personal effectiveness - Interactive courses focussed on emotional intelligence and change managers. Skills that help regulate oneself in the workplace to optimize personal impact

Inclusion - Interactive courses focussed on promoting diversity in working groups and proactive inclusion. Practical skills that fosters an inclusive environment that enables full participation of employees from all backgrounds.

Leading People - Interactive courses focussed on empathetic leadership and building accountability. Skills that help leaders more effectively guide people and teams toward achieving individual and organizational goals.

Execution - Interactive courses focussed setting smarter goals and persevering during setbacks. Skills that help you anticipate, plan, and delivers work despite barriers and setbacks

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