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Guide to populating the demographic level comparisons template
Guide to populating the demographic level comparisons template

Guidance on how to populate the demographic level comparisons template

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How to populate the demographic level comparisons template

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Note: Before we dive into this guide, it's crucial to ensure that your comparison survey has been loaded at the overall level and that your question matches are finalized. This initial step is important, as any subsequent changes to the question mapping of the overall comparison will result in the removal of ALL manual demographic comparison data for your survey.

At Culture Amp, we collaborate with our engagement-enabled customers to facilitate manual demographic-level comparisons on your surveys. This process is useful for when demographic groups have had name changes between surveys but you would still like to compare these groups to draw meaningful comparisons.

Any demographics that have remained exactly the same between surveys (naming convention and casing) will map automatically when the comparison survey is loaded at the overall level.

These comparisons come to life when you add a comparison survey to your results and apply a demographic filter.

Understanding Manual Demographic-Level Comparisons

Manual demographic-level comparisons are carefully mapped by our Product Support Team in cases where an automated match is not feasible. This process becomes required when demographics have evolved in the naming convention between surveys, and you wish to analyze data, bridging these differences e.g. compare Department > Product Support in the 2023 Survey to Department > Customer Support in the 2022 survey.

Demographics that have remained consistent between surveys, both in naming convention and casing, will seamlessly map when the comparison survey is loaded at the overall level.

Requesting Manual Demographic Comparisons

To initiate manual demographic comparisons on your survey, follow these steps:

  1. Duplicate this template/worksheet and populate the file according to the column headers.

  2. Send the completed file to our Product Support Team, along with the name of the survey you'd like the comparisons to be loaded onto.

The turnaround time for this process depends on the number of comparisons and the volume of data. After receiving your request, we'll review the submitted data file(s) and confirm the specifics.

Automated Matches

To check which demographics have been automatically matched, you can export a copy of the mappings from the surveys Comparisons page > Demographic Matches > Export CSV option.


It is important to note that we can map the same demographic value from the target survey (the survey with loaded demographics) only once. We cannot map the same demographic value from the target survey to multiple different demographic values on the comparison survey.

As an example, we could manually map "Department > Customer" (2023 survey) to "Department > Product Support" (2022 survey), but we couldn't also map "Department > Customer" (2023 survey) to both "Department > Product Support" (2022 survey) and "Department > Customer Success" (2022 survey). It must be one or the other, as a value can only be mapped once.


  • Demographic = overall demographic header e.g. Department

  • Demographic value = demographic value assigned to the user e.g. Product Support

Need further help? Contact our Culture Amp Support team via email: or ask to speak with a support specialist during your live chat conversation.

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