Figures Integration FAQs

Guidance on any questions you may have about the Figures product and integration.

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What can I learn from this page?

An in-depth guide that covers any questions you may have about the Figures product and integration.

Who is this guide for?

Performance Admins

About Figures

Who is Figures?

Figures is Europe's leading all-in-one compensation management platform, helping mid-market companies and enterprises to make fair and efficient salary decisions.

What does Figures do?

Figures offers a full suite of compensation products, including:

  • Compensation Reviews: Plan your next compensation review with peace of mind: define and manage your next salary increase budget with Figures.

  • Salary Bands: The #1 simple & efficient solution to build, maintain and share your salary bands.

  • Benchmarking Data: Get access to the most reliable real-time European compensation benchmark.

What makes Figures different?

  • Escape the Excel nightmare: Gain time using a simple dedicated solution with proven frameworks.

  • Drive processes & collaboration: No more on the fly decisions, start making effective data-driven decisions.

  • Stop making costly mistakes: Manual adjustments lead to errors and time wasted.

  • Always stay on-budget: plan your compensation decisions to be aligned with your internal Compensation Policy.

  • Retain your key talent: stop losing employees based on pay. Get the full picture on pay and quickly identify areas of improvement.

How do I purchase a Figures account?

Visit Figures’s website to schedule a demo or learn more.

What are the benefits of using the Culture Amp <> Figures integration?

The Culture Amp <> Figures integration allows you to connect compensation to performance by:

  • Auto-syncing performance data from Culture Amp to Figures, saving time and reducing errors when running a compensation review cycle;

  • Viewing employee compensation side-by-side with performance data, giving you a unified place to make transparent compensation decisions.

Setting up the Figures Integration

How do I set up the Culture Amp <> Figures integration?

Step 1: Generate Credentials in Culture Amp Admin Settings

  1. As an Admin, find Figures under your integration settings

  2. Click Set Up Figures Integration

  3. Generate new credentials for Figures

  4. Once generated, copy the client ID and secret

    1. You’ll use these details to complete authentication in the Figures app. Don’t share your secret anywhere public or in unsecure messages.

Step 2: Complete Integration Authentication in Figures Admin Settings

To set up the integration:

  1. Log into your Figures account

  2. Navigate to Company Settings > Integrations

  3. Click on the Add Integration button

  4. Follow the steps in the modal to set up a new integration

    1. Select “Culture Amp” from the drop-down

    2. Enter your Client ID from Step 1

    3. Enter your Client Secret from Step 1

Using the Figures Integration

How do we use the Figures <> Culture Amp Integration?

  1. Complete a performance review: Hold and complete a performance review. For more information on how to close a Performance Cycle - see here.

  2. Run a compensation review: Run a compensation review in Figures, informed by performance data gathered in Culture Amp.

  3. Managers & employees can access data: Employees can easily view their performance and compensation data at any time in Figures.

What if I have additional questions?

For additional support or questions, please contact Figures.

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