Supported Languages in Culture Amp

Explore Culture Amp in multiple languages! Simplified steps for Account Admins and Users.

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What can I learn from this page?

Discover information about our platform's supported languages, learn how to assign a user's preferred language, and explore details about product-level language support.

Who is this guide for?

Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

Understanding Language Tiers

Discover the different languages in Culture Amp! Culture Amp offers two tiers of language support, each with unique features across our products. As you set up your preferred languages in the platform, keep in mind that most customers will need some in-house translation to tailor our templates to their organization's needs.

Here's a quick look at the tiers:

Tier 1 languages

Tier 2 languages

English (US)
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
te reo Māori
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Spanish (LATAM)

English (UK)
French Canadian
French Creole
Spanish (Spain)

Exploring Language Support Across Products


Our Engagement product covers various surveys like the Baseline Engagement Survey, Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion, and lifecycle surveys such as Onboard & Exit. For the full list of templates, check our support guide.

What's Included

Depending on your chosen language tier, the below support is available:

  • Tier 1: Full support for all Engagement templates, including survey questions, communications, participant survey interface, reports, and action framework.

  • Tier 2: Full translation support for questions and communications for the Baseline Engagement template only. Full support for the participant survey interface, survey reports, and action framework.

  • Note that comments made in other languages can be translated into English in survey reports. Refer to our support guide for detailed steps.


  • The survey configuration interface for Administrators is available only in English.

  • Inspirations cannot be automatically translated, but you can add your own custom translations manually. Reach out to Culture Amp Product Support for help in exporting the translation file. Be sure to specify the languages you need enabled.

  • Some elements in survey reports, like the date filter in Onboarding/Exit surveys, aren't translated.


We offer Tier 1 language support for our Performance product, covering features like Self Reflections, Peer & Upward Feedback, Manager Reviews, Calibrations, Goals, 1-on-1s, and Anytime Feedback.

What's Included

Dependant on the language you need, the below support is available at each tier:

  • Tier 1: Full support for employee and manager interfaces, administrator interface, and Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications.

  • Tier 2: Not directly supported.


  • Performance question templates such as self reflection and performance review cycles cannot be translated automatically, but we can assist you in setting up a workaround for translated questions in performance reviews and self-reflections. Find details in Enabling Language Support below.

  • Feedback templates and skill cards can't be automatically translated either, but you can manually add your own custom translations. Contact Culture Amp Product Support to provide your translated questions with the relevant language codes, and we'll set these templates up for you.

  • Goals will show up in the language they were written in. So, if someone writes their goal in Spanish, it will be in Spanish for everyone, no matter who looks at it. We don't change the language automatically; it stays as the owner wrote it.

Language support in Learning

Skills Coach and Playbooks are not currently available in translation.

Enabling Language Support

At the Account Level

Enabling languages on your account involves two simple steps. First, reach out to our Culture Amp Product Support team and provide them with the language codes you need. Once notified, they'll handle the enabling process on your account and guide you through what's included.

After languages are enabled, export your user file from the platform (go to Settings > Users > Export Users) and add the preferred language code for each user. If you have an HRIS integration, update the language column directly in your HRIS. Once users are assigned their language code, either sync the update across or manually upload the user file if no HRIS is used.

This process sets the user preferred language at the overall platform level. If you need to enable languages for a specific survey or performance cycle, additional steps are outlined below.

At the survey Level

In Engagement

Here's how you can set up translated questions for your survey:

  1. Contact our Culture Amp Product Support team and let them know which languages you need for your survey. Be sure to specify the language codes you want.

  2. After enabling the languages, if you have a bunch of translations to add (communications and/or questions), we've got a bulk import option for you. We'll provide an Excel template for you to add or edit translations for each language. After completion, send it back to us for import.

  3. If you only have a few question translations, you can add them directly in the platform. Just go to the Edit Survey page, click on the Questions tab, select your desired language, and paste in your translations. Make sure all English questions are finalized before adding translations.

  4. Preview your survey to ensure everything looks good.

  5. You can do the same for the communication translations, go to the Communications tab, open the relevant communication (like a survey invite), select your desired language, and paste in your translations. Again, make sure all English communications are finalized first.

  6. Double-check everything, especially the Reporting Rules statement, to make sure it's accurate.

In Performance

For setting up translated questions in self-reflections and performance reviews, here's what you need to do:

  1. Start by creating a new self-reflection or performance review cycle.

  2. Give your cycle a name that includes the language, like "Performance Review [German]."

    In the Questions step, clear out the questions and replace them with the translated versions.

  3. In the Participants step, add only those who want their review and feedback in this language.

  4. If you're using multiple languages, repeat these steps to create a cycle for each language.

Note: The calibration tool can only include multiple performance review cycles with matching question sets. If you want to combine different language cycles, you can export them into a .csv file.


Can I import translations in bulk instead of editing in the survey designer?

Yes, you can! Simply reach out to Culture Amp Product Support for an Excel file that you can fill out with your translations.

Can I have language support on a specific survey if it's not enabled on the account level?

Absolutely! Just contact Culture Amp Product Support with the specific survey title and the language(s) you want to enable.

Can I export Powerpoint presentations in another language?

Yes, you can export PowerPoint presentations in multiple languages! Reach out to Culture Amp Product Support to learn more about the available languages.

Can English be removed as a language?

No. English cannot be removed as a language on the platform.

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