Warning Text Required for Raw Data Extract

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What the warning text required for the raw data extract will look like for for survey participants

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If you know you would like a raw data extract of your survey results, you'll need to inform participants before they take the survey via an additional note on the survey Reporting Rules page, Welcome Screen and emails. The purpose of this message is to be clear with respondents on how their responses can be reported on. A raw data extract, inclusive of all demographics creates scenarios where individuals can be easily identified (e.g., I know that there is only 1 Female in the marketing team so this response must be Jane).

This can be enabled by checking the "Allow Raw Data Extracts" option under Confidentiality on your Survey Configuration page.


When the "Allow Raw Data Extracts" box is ticked, the following warning text appears in the Reporting Rules, on the Welcome Screen and in your survey emails: "For this survey, raw data extracts that include identifiable data may be made available to nominated administrators at %ACCOUNT_NAME%."



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