Guide to presenting results: intro


The important thing here is that you're letting people know that not only will you be reviewing results but you'll also be discussing potential implications and identifying areas for focus. You'll also see a brief outline of the sections relevant to the particular survey.

We believe the most important thing is re-iterating the need to find a focus for action. Some people will feel that this is too much to ask in one session. However, even if you cannot arrive at a final decision it can still be useful to emphasize that this is the end goal for collecting all this data. We'll discuss this more as we go through the relevant sections.

Following this slide it can also be useful to create slides describing the survey you used and the main outcome measure you used. For example, you can highlight that you measured Employee Engagement, provide a brief definition (here's ours) and a summary of all the other factors you covered. If you're using any benchmarks, then the presentation you export will include that as a reference. You may find your audience asking for more detail, in that case you just look for the relevant benchmark overview on Culture First Insights.

Presenting Notes: Set the scene. Begin with the why and how of engagement surveys and what engagement means for your organization. Then get into the results. 

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