Guide to workflow with Individual effectiveness 360

Culture Amp recommends you stagger individual feedback processes over time, to avoid asking Reviewers to provide feedback for many individuals at once (as can happen when you run the process for a specific work group or the whole organization). Beware Reviewer fatigue!

You may choose to 'batch' a cohort of employees seeking feedback across the business (rather than within specific teams), and we suggest using the following timeline to structure your process: 

4-6 weeks before launching your first Individual Effectiveness process:

  • Attend your training with Culture Amp
  • Review Design, Communications & Settings

Week of:

  • Launch Individual Effectiveness Survey
  • Start each individual 360° process
  • Coaches book Feedback Review session

2-3 weeks prior:

  • Review and update Name and Email Address in your employee data
  • Finalize Employees, their Reviewers and Coaches (if you are administering centrally)

1 Week after:

  • Scheduled reminder email to Reviewers

2 weeks prior:

  • Send guidance & resources to prepare participants. Feel free to use or adapt our email template.

1-2 weeks after:

  • Feedback Period closed
  • Feedback shared with Coaches

1 week prior:

  • Send any pre-feedback communications to involved groups to inform them of the process
  • Finalize survey & request a pre-launch review from Culture Amp Support

2 weeks after:

  • Coaches review feedback and share with Employee
  • Feedback Review session and Employee action planning


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