Configure mandatory survey questions

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How to configure mandatory survey questions within your survey design 

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

NOTE: Mandatory questions can have an adverse impact on survey participation rates and response quality. Culture Amp typically advises against using mandatory questions in surveys except in certain cases. You can learn more about Culture Amp's perspective on mandatory questions here.

Survey administrators can mark a survey question as mandatory from the Questions tab >> survey designer screen. A question can be marked as mandatory by selecting the change option underneath the Question Settings for a question.


The Question Settings pop-up will appear. On this screen, check the Mandatory checkbox >> confirm. 


Impact on Surveys

Survey participants must provide answers to each mandatory question to complete a survey. When a mandatory question is left unanswered and a survey participant attempts to submit their survey, the participant will see a pop-up that they must answer any outstanding mandatory questions before proceeding. Each unanswered mandatory question will also be highlighted in red.




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