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How to preview a survey

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How to preview a survey

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

As an Admin, you can preview a survey to see how the survey looks. The survey can also be completed using this preview link, and won't affect your 'real' results. This is useful for testing the survey questions and survey completion time prior to your survey launch.

Preview the Survey

  1. Click the Edit Survey button for a specific draft survey on your Surveys page

  2. Click the Questions tab

  3. Click the Preview Survey icon OR

  4. Click the Export icon to download a printable version


Note: Please note that only Admin users with the correct permissions can access the Preview Survey link. If you wish to share a copy of the survey with non Admin users to test, instead use the Copy Link option.

Copy the Link to Share

Click the Copy Link icon to copy the URL to your clipboard and share with others who do not have admin access.


The survey can now be reviewed and tested. Responses will not be recorded in Culture Amp. On the welcome page of the survey you will see a blue-colored banner which states the following: "This is a demonstration page only. Your survey responses will not appear in any reports."

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