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Understanding the differences around the use of Name vs Preferred Name in the platform

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When choosing account demographics to add to Culture Amp, employees can be assigned demographics, such as Gender, Location, Department, etc. In addition, you can ensure your employees have a more personalized experience by assigning Name and Preferred Name demographics.

Differences between Name and Preferred Name

The Name demographic is required for all employees and used throughout the platform. It is used on administrative pages, when viewing reports, and in certain parts of the survey capture experience. The Preferred Name demographic is optional and is used in the salutation of survey communications so each message feels more personal and friendly to your employees.

  Optional or Required? Key Use Cases Common Format
Name Required for all users
  • Account administration
  • Viewing reports
  • Default salutation in Experience, and Effectiveness surveys
  • Fallback salutation in Engagement surveys
Full Name (e.g. Jane Doe) or first name (e.g. Jane)
Preferred Name Optional
  • Default salutation in Engagement survey communications
First Name or nickname (e.g. Jane)

How Preferred Name is Used

Preferred Name is the default value used in the Engagement survey emails as well as Slack messages to welcome your employees. The salutation is the first piece of text that appears in these communications and typically reads Hi Preferred Name.

Preferred Name is only used to make your survey communications more friendly. Don't worry, though, salutations will default back to use Name if Preferred Name is not present.

For Engagement surveys:

  • If Preferred Name has a value, then survey communications read Hi Preferred Name
  • If Preferred Name does not have a value, then survey communications read Hi Name

Like Name, Preferred Name can be populated via individual user edits or bulk employee data import. 


Survey communications with Preferred Name present

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